Life-Changing Advice from a Stranger Named Chuck

By: Hailey Yatros I once knew a man whose name was Chuck. Chuck was a regular at a restaurant I used to work at as I was putting myself through college. He was elderly, so kind, and always came alone. He’d ask for an ice tea, with only two ice cubes, extra packets of Splenda, […]

Unmasking Leadership

By: Rachel DeAlto Eating disorder recoveree. Mom at 20. Divorced. Toxic relationship survivor. These aren’t my typical go-to descriptions when I introduce myself. I tend to lead with: relationship expert, TV professional, entrepreneur, coach, or former attorney. Those are the titles that make me look good, right? The truth is, ALL of those titles define […]

Old Keys Don’t Open New Doors

By: James Robilotta, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker One of the biggest threats to organizational success are individuals who were part of a system or team when it was working in the past. Reason being, these are the first people to say, “This is the way we have always done it.” AKA, the leadership phrase of death. Sometimes, […]

Chase an Authentic Life

As an ethics professor and professional speaker on living an authentic life, my advice to students always begins with this remarkable fable: Imagine a racing greyhound named Cash. One warm summer evening, Cash sits outside on the front porch and discusses the future with his owner. The duo is world-famous and financially stable from the […]

Authentic Happiness

Life presents the ultimate challenge – to be authentically happy. Authentic people possess an outer persona that reflects their inner beliefs and character. The face they present to the world mirrors who they truly are deep down. Authentically happy people, in turn, possess and reflect contentment, gratitude, kindness, and joy. They have no need to […]

Do you even care?

Over the past handful of months, social media has looked like thousands of people all trying to have a “conversation” with their own megaphone.  Most of it was an unproductive hot mess. I would be fascinated to see data about if Facebook posts actually changed people’s minds, or if it just caused us to fall […]

What will you do for the LGBTQ movement?

On the morning of June 26, I was glued to my computer, tuned in to the SCOTUS Blog relentlessly refreshing my browser waiting for the decisions on the same sex marriage case. I knew that it was a moment in history that, no matter the decisions, would have a major impact on the world. I […]

Shaun Sperling: Beyond the vogue

We live in a world where anyone can be famous simply by uploading a funny, eye-catching video to YouTube. In 2012, Shaun became an Internet sensation after the video of him dancing to Madonna’s Vogue at his 1992 Bar Mitzvah went viral. His video has been viewed over 1 million times and he’s been a […]

Hard Work for Authentic Happiness

by COREY CIOCCHETTI A friend sent me this quote from Steven Covey. It’s about Pleasure Centerdness… “We live in a world where instant gratification is available and encouraged. Television and movies are major influences in increasing people’s expectations… pleasure, per se, offers no deep, lasting satisfaction or sense of fulfillment. A? person in this state […]