3 Ways To (Actually) Build Confidence

By: Alex Carlin Have you ever walked into a room looking down on your phone? Did you know that small gesture tells people you aren’t that confident in the current situation? Whether you realize it or not, confidence not only has a huge effect on the way you perform and feel but it also affects […]

Test Drive it FIRST!

By: Linnita Hosten If you are like me, the thought of going to a large event and networking is completely overwhelming and uneasy. This was my positioning until I landed a paid internship opportunity junior year- just by showing up at a career fair prepared. Since then, I’ve been an advocate of just stopping in […]

APPLE Leadership

By: Kaylon Blake Soooo….I really needed a new pair of headphones but was torn between purchasing the Apple Airpods or the Beats by Dre. I really wanted the Beats, but they were too expensive. On the flipside, I didn’t want to buy the Airpods because I felt like I’d lose them and I felt like […]

The Art of the Butterfly

By: Rafael Matos These days I am all about living my best life, and as I take an inventory of the ideologies and actions I practice regularly, I realized my best life demands I get rid of outdated and impractical beliefs that stifle my growth. But navigating change is challenging; replacing old habits with new […]

A Successful Failure

By: Adam Giery I have failed. Not once, but many times. Not just on small things, big ones. However, the reality is, it propelled my career. In every instance in which I failed, I found a new path forward. One that was in line with what I wanted to achieve, not what I was told […]

Don’t Let Classes Interfere With Your Real Education

By: Tom Healy I was recently asked a few weeks ago to provide my best advice to students as they enter a new school year, here is what I had to say: I strongly believe that the best learning experiences on a college campus come OUTSIDE the classroom which means you need to get involved […]

Building a transcript for your life

By: Adam Giery For many students, the start of the school year often serves as a reminder for the coming realization of graduation – and in most cases, graduation without a plan. I clearly recall the uncertainty of what I would do “for the rest of my life” as a twenty- year-old college student. The […]

Discovering your passion: Dive Deep, Don’t Wade.

By: Dan Faill I remember being a college student not too long ago, and I thought I was busy running around being involved and keeping my grades up, but I had nothing on today’s college student. Their email signatures read more like the preface of a novel, with a checklist of leadership roles, organization involvement, […]

Do you FEAR Confrontation?

By: Darryl Bellamy Jr. Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you should speak up, do something, but you push it off to someone else, ignore it, or remain silent? As someone who tried to avoid confrontation at ALL costs, this was me. I’m still working through it, but I’ve improved a […]

Do, Delegate and Dream as a Lady Leader on Campus

By Quinn Conyers When I stepped on Campus as a college student, I wasn’t really sure what to expect! I knew graduation was the goal but I wasn’t sure what do during the 4 years before I received my cap and gown! Thankfully there was an organization on campus that helped minority and multi-cultural students […]

Impact of a Workshop

By: Austin Arias On college campuses, now more than ever, it is important to empower students to see themselves as agents of change for not only their campus but society. For our students who choose to seek out leadership development experiences or involvement on campus, their already vested interest keeps them motivated. Determining the best way […]

How Women Will End Hazing

[This article is based on content contributed by the author for publication in the upcoming book – Fall 2018 – by Hank Nuwer titled Destroying Young Lives: Hazing in Schools and the Military.] “The world will be saved by the western woman.” When the Dalai Lama, who called himself a feminist, made this statement at […]

Listening for Leaders (From “What Leaders Do”)

By: Joe Richardson, Esq. There is constant discussion about leadership in the college space.   Being involved in studies related to interests, sports, student government and Greek life should be a springboard for the accelerated development of leadership skills. While leaders have many noteworthy characteristics, the most important of them may be the ability to listen. […]

Leadership Development That Changes Behavior

By: Tom Healy Two years ago, I decided to develop “Limitless Leadership”, a workshop that utilizes a scientifically-validated behavioral assessment and has students develop their own Personal Leadership Plan. My mission with “Limitless Leadership” was simple: utilize a powerful assessment tool to help students identify how they are uniquely hard-wired as leaders and have them […]

Do you have Foundational Confidence?

By: Darryl Bellamy JR. Writing the second book might be harder than the first, but when I write something I feel is important I can’t help but share. I’m excited to share a piece of my writing with you as this might apply to something you’re currently experiencing. After reading thousands of fears, I came […]


By: Corey Ciocchetti A perfect way to ponder compassion comes from professor Mason Cooley: “Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves.” Isn’t that a wonderful way to think of it? When we’re compassionate, we stop worrying solely about our lives, our problems, and our to-do lists and begin […]

Unmasking Leadership

By: Rachel DeAlto Eating disorder recoveree. Mom at 20. Divorced. Toxic relationship survivor. These aren’t my typical go-to descriptions when I introduce myself. I tend to lead with: relationship expert, TV professional, entrepreneur, coach, or former attorney. Those are the titles that make me look good, right? The truth is, ALL of those titles define […]

Enjoy this Perfect Present

Just recently I was in the midst of traveling to a speaking engagement during one of Mother Nature’s angriest times. Meaning nowhere in the US was safe from her cold hands. While I was trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B with canceled flights, blizzard conditions and eventually a […]

24 Hours to Live

By: Darryl Bellamy Jr. Each year, thousands of students begin college afraid about what’s to come. Somehow, they think that they’re the only one feeling scared and nervous about what’s next, afraid of failure, and not entirely confident in their abilities. After reading 5,553 fears (and counting), If I had 24 hours to live and […]

Headbands of Hope

Jess Ekstrom started Headbands of Hope when she was in college. For every headband sold, one is given to a child with cancer. Recently, she teamed up with Vistaprint to show their DIY Headband Days that they bring to kids with cancer all over the world. Interested in bringing Jess to your campus? Visit campuspeak.com/ekstrom.

Circles of Grace: Taking Diversity from Head to HEART

By: Justin Jones-Fosu, Speaker Have you ever wondered how one event can happen and yet so many people see it from so many different perspectives? I remember about three years ago I was perplexed by an event, and I saw people on social media taking a whole different perspective. I couldn’t accept the “let’s agree […]

Permission to Screw Up

“Having a young leader like Kristen Hadeed in the world gives me hope for the future. In a world in which numbers often seem more important than people, Kristen remains steadfast in her belief that her people are always her priority.” —Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last   Kristen Hadeed […]

Old Keys Don’t Open New Doors

By: James Robilotta, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker One of the biggest threats to organizational success are individuals who were part of a system or team when it was working in the past. Reason being, these are the first people to say, “This is the way we have always done it.” AKA, the leadership phrase of death. Sometimes, […]

Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Saul Flores, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month From our sandy shores to our brightly colored homes, our heritage is rooted in a diaspora of cultures that are spread across Latin America. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage month to encourage students to remember where they came from, where they are, and where they will […]

Few Talk, Many Affected: Changing the Culture About Men’s Mental Health

Dr. Kevin Snyder has presented over 1,150 programs in all 50 states and has been with CAMPUSPEAK for over a decade. He’s also a former Dean of Students, an author with a best-selling book, and a professional speaker with a wealth of unique expertise both in Student Affairs and in corporate America. We sat down […]

Chase an Authentic Life

As an ethics professor and professional speaker on living an authentic life, my advice to students always begins with this remarkable fable: Imagine a racing greyhound named Cash. One warm summer evening, Cash sits outside on the front porch and discusses the future with his owner. The duo is world-famous and financially stable from the […]

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A lot of people get down on college students these days. “They complain too much!” “They don’t want to work!” “They have unrealistic expectations!” “They don’t want to work their way up!” “They can’t handle the pressure!” They are not “resilient,” they say. Even a simple Google search of “college students and resilience” will produce […]