Life-Changing Advice from a Stranger Named Chuck

By: Hailey Yatros I once knew a man whose name was Chuck. Chuck was a regular at a restaurant I used to work at as I was putting myself through college. He was elderly, so kind, and always came alone. He’d ask for an ice tea, with only two ice cubes, extra packets of Splenda, […]

Facebook goes wide, but true Friendship goes DEEP!!

By: Andrea Mosby I remember speaking to an audience of students at a University. I asked the audience how many friends they had on their Facebook page. One student proudly said, “I have over 895 friends.” I asked what are their middle names? He looked at me like a deer in the head lights. I […]

Picking Fights With Strangers (OK, not really.)

  I have an unusual hobby: asking random strangers about warm and fuzzy topics such as religion and politics. Where’s the best place to do that? Airplanes. Airplanes are perfect for such a conversation since your fellow passengers are stuck with you once they’re buckled in. I like to start off with something like, “Hi. […]

How does one find their life’s passion? By serving others.

Nowadays we are asked to volunteer for many different things – from serving at food banks, to walk-a-thons, to participating in breast cancer awareness events. All of which are important. But while volunteering, we often act mechanically without a thought – except to just to get it over with. To volunteer is to give of […]

Ready to bring home your +1?

Nothing says you’ve reached the next step in your relationship like bringing them home with you for the holidays the first time! It doesn’t have to be a stressful situation; in fact, it can be a great environment to introduce an important person in your life to your family. It’s all about making sure everyone […]

Four ways to have a stress-free fall

Welcome back! I hope you had an amazing summer filled great memories that last long after your tan fades. Heading back to school, or to school as an incoming freshman, is an exciting time. New friends, new classes, new activities – it’s a lot to take in! What are you planning to do to make […]

What “old” people want from us

As a young entrepreneur in a college town, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a lot of professors and mentors from older generations about how they view our generation, the Millennials, as we’re usually called. Contrary to what you might think, most of the feedback is actually pretty positive. People from the Boomer and […]

New Keynote from Tyson Wooters: Love Labs

Many of us end up with someone (whether for casual dating or a long-term relationship) one way or another. Approaching that situation without any forethought is a recipe to get…well whatever comes your way. If, however, we put forth some time and consideration to figure out what we want, we’re much more likely to find […]