Tom Healy

Tom has worked with thousands of student leaders and in his straight-forward style, he will share what the best ones do to thrive in everything that they are involved with. He will challenge you, make you laugh and most importantly, show you how to thrive as a leader!

Tom Healy
Tom is passionate about helping people reach their extraordinary leadership potential. In his straight-forward style, Tom shares what top leaders do to thrive in everything that they are involved with. He will challenge you, make you laugh and most importantly, help you thrive as a leader in everything you do!

Limitless Leadership: Find Your Drive to Thrive

Tom Healy has worked with thousands of student leaders over the past decade, and will share what the best ones do to thrive in everything that they are involved with. For those that embrace leadership, this program will reinforce their drive to be great and help them reach new heights as a leader. For those who do not view themselves as a leader, they will leave this program with a different view on leadership and be prepared to test their capacity to lead. Everyone who attends this program will leave knowing exactly how they can thrive as a leader!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how everyone is involved in leadership and how to nurture their individual role,
  • the common misconceptions and about being a leader,
  • the 6 key steps to thriving as a leader in everyday life, and
  • specific actions they can implement to improve and thrive as a leader.

Limitless Leadership is available as a keynote and a half/full day interactive workshop.

Getting Great in the Door: Creating a Legacy of Excellence

Have you ever wished your chapter had more “great” members and fewer “mediocre” members? Would your chapter be better off if it had a structured system to recruit new members instead of relying on the efforts of a few each semester? If you are looking for a step-by-step system to easily recruit great members, you and your chapter need to hear this keynote. For your organization to thrive, you must identify individuals who meet your standards and then give them a compelling reason to join your chapter.

In this keynote, you will be challenged to identify what characteristics that top-notch potential members possess, how you can determine if a candidate meets those standards, and then develop a specific recruitment system to engage your entire chapter in the recruitment process. You will walk out of this program prepared to increase both the quality and quantity of your membership, while ultimately leaving your chapter better than you found it!

This is a perfect pre-recruitment program for IFC and/or Panhellenic audiences. In addition to his keynote, Tom is also available for a full day of chapter consultations for an additional fee.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to identify minimum standards for membership selection criteria,
  • ways to develop a recruitment system that engages their full chapter in the recruitment process,
  • methods to drive great potential new members to join their chapter and community, and
  • how to increase the quality and quantity of top-performing members.

The Course They Forgot to Offer

Does the classroom truly prepare you for the “real world”? Would you like to learn how you can become wildly successful, both personally and professionally, from the second you leave campus? Let this keynote serve as the blueprint for you to get the absolute most out of your life after college! In The Course They Forgot to Offer, Tom will discuss how to choose the perfect place to launch your life and career, and how to begin the search for (and earn) a great professional opportunity.

This high-energy program also helps students learn how to properly manage their finances, how to build positive relationships, the personal and professional characteristics essential for success as a young professional, and stories of success from famous individuals who accomplished greatness as young professionals. If you want the essentials for success after college, this is a message you need to hear! If you’d like a preview of the content Tom will cover in this keynote, he is more than happy to provide you with a complimentary copy of his book of the same title that this keynote is based off.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to successfully begin their professional journey and earn the opportunities they are seeking,
  • information on essential life skills like finance management and relationship building, and
  • powerful stories from thought leaders and accomplished professionals on how they built successful careers following graduation.

“Tom’s extensive knowledge and expertise in recruitment shines through in his presentations. He has seen it all and knows how to tailor his programs to meet the needs of his audience. Theta Chi Fraternity is excited to continue to partner with Tom!”

– JD Ford, Senior Director for Recruitment & Expansion , Theta Chi Fraternity

“Tom is an amazing speaker. He was a constant professional and really set the bar for future Greek Week speakers. The crowd really liked what Tom had to say and you could tell they were excited to be there. He took the time to really find out what they were interested in and how they could benefit from his experience.”

– Vince Bowhay, Greek Life Advisor, Fort Hayes State University

“Our audience was very attentive because of Tom’s approach to recruitment, which involved relatable scenarios. Tom has a good sense of humor and he got his point across very well by answering all questions without hesitation and providing a lot of detail. He is very experienced in his field.”

– Dominic Policicchio, University of West Florida

“Tom brings a level of energy, knowledge and skill to his presentation that engages the audience from the moment he takes the stage. His rapport with the students and alumni at our national convention was genuine, enthusiastic and built credibility instantly. Tom’s knowledge of his content is one of the best I’ve seen in many years.”

– Brian Tenclinger, University of Michigan

“Our students were very impressed with Tom’s ability to speak to them frankly on issues affecting their community. Tom helped our Greek students find ways to work together and increase the quality of membership. They took away some great ideas to help increase the involvement of their fraternity and sorority community.”

– Thomas Martin, Assistant Director of Greek Life & Community Engagement, Saint Leo University

“Tom came to campus with an attitude that focused on results! He was very straightforward and honest with our chapters and gave them the direction and guidance they needed.”

– Mitchell Kelley, IFC President, University of Minnesota

“Tom has had interaction with the majority of our students and they always had an immediate connection to him and the material. His engaging presentation style and knowledge of the topic demands your attention and keeps you engaged throughout.”

-Jeffrey Szumanski, Assistant Executive Director, Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda

“Tom’s down-to-earth personality really opened himself up to share things with the audience which may have been difficult for him. The students really liked his honesty and related with a lot of the experiences he had. We loved having Tom and received a lot of positive feedback from our students!”

-Jennifer Mueller, Greek Life Graduate Assistant, Lindenwood University

Tom’s Bio

Tom is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and consultant who is an expert in helping leaders reach their extraordinary leadership potential. Over the past decade, Tom has worked with thousands of student leaders and in his straight-forward style, he will share what the best ones do to thrive in everything that they are involved with.

In addition to his work with students, Tom has also helped a wide range of organizations find, develop and keep top young leaders, including national non-profits, the United States Navy, the Harvard Medical School, industry trade associations and Fortune 500 companies.

Tom is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where he enjoys golfing, boxing, hiking, and traveling.


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