Mark Sterner

Over 2-million college and high school students have heard Mark Sterner’s amazing and tragic story.


▪Alcohol & Other Drugs ▪Drinking & Driving ▪First Year Experience
▪Fraternity & Sorority Life ▪High School Issues ▪Orientation ▪Risk Management


▪DUI: A Powerful Lesson

Over 2-million college and high school students have heard Mark Sterner’s amazing and tragic story.

Just three months before graduation, Mark and four of his fraternity brothers—and best friends—headed to Spring Break. On the final night, they decided the least drunk would drive home. The next morning, three of the men were dead, and Mark lay in the hospital critically injured and facing three felony counts of DUI manslaughter. Instead of being the first in his family to graduate college, Mark ended up the first member of his family to go to prison for his role in the tragic death of his three friends.

“My overall experience with Mark was beyond my expectations. He touched every heart in the auditorium!! His message was able to be conveyed to all staff and students and connected on all levels. You could hear a pin drop in an auditrium of 1000 students!”

Pina Palmisano

New Rochelle High School

“Mark was amazing as always. He gets and holds the audience’s attention better than any other speaker I have worked with. Mark, as he puts it, doesn’t preach, doesn’t speak down to anybody, and doesn’t waste their time. The audience really appreciates that. His presentation is one that won’t soon be forgotten.”

John Lata

Florida State University

“Students were thoroughly engaged throughout the entire presentation. Mark was professional, friendly, and clearly dedicated to making a meaningful experience for the SXU students. He connected with the audience by not being condescending, by being approachable, by using appropriate humor and language, and by telling his story in way that they were able to relate based on their age and experience.”

Amanda Mesirow

Saint Xavier University

“We hosted Mark Sterner on our campus for the 2nd time. He has a way of speaking the truth about alcohol and driving. His presentation is real and our students connect to him. He is very open with his audience about his experience in order to reach students. I truly appreciate Mark’s time and his presentation to our students.”

Sirena Cantrell

Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator, Mississippi University for Women


DUI: A Powerful Lesson

In his acclaimed keynote, Mark Sterner leaves students with a powerful and personal story that forced him to confront his own decisions. He doesn’t preach or tell people what to do but puts real faces to the tragic consequences of impaired driving by showing videotape the friends made of their trip, ending just moments before the crash.

Mark helps students realize that the simple choice they make, like drinking and driving, can cause an everlasting impact on their friends, families and themselves. Mark is your most impactful choice for alcohol awareness, safe Spring Break, student-athletes, new student orientations and wellness programming. As a fraternity brother, Mark is also perfect for any Fraternity and Sorority Life programming, especially when emphasizing the importance of caring for your brothers and sisters.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • that their momentary decisions have the potential for severe consequences which could impact both themselves and their loved ones,
  • that the actions and choices they make while in college can lead to a major impact on their future, and
  • the importance of taking individual responsibility to take care of their friends and loved ones.