Tyson Wooters

Just as he spent years firing up college football fans as the University of Oregon’s beloved mascot, The Duck, Tyson Wooters uses his energy to engage student audiences looking for a fun, meaningful message about student empowerment and leadership.


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▪What’s In Your Fishbowl?
▪Talk, Don’t Shout
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Just as he spent years firing up college football fans as the University of Oregon’s beloved mascot, The Duck, Tyson Wooters uses his energy to engage student audiences looking for a fun, meaningful message about student empowerment and leadership.

As the University of Oregon Duck and the 2004 National Mascot Champion, Tyson danced, performed stunts, and rallied the stands. Drawing on his fun and unusual experiences as a college mascot, Tyson helps students nationwide understand how every person in a college community has a contribution to make though high energy, funny, and engaging programs that leave students fired up to make an impact.

Tyson’s Bio

Tyson Wooters believes in the strength of humble leaders, the awesome power of servanthood, and your organization’s ability to harness those forces. He also believes in what he calls his life’s mission: to educate people through humor and shared experience about the extraordinary power of taking real accountability and ownership in every aspect of life.

Tyson learned to lead while wearing white pants and standing on a ladder, but he admits that those elements aren’t necessarily required in the cultivation of every good leader. His formative leadership experience was as drum major of his high school marching band, a position that launched him not only into the glamorous, high-stakes world of college marching band but taught him the value of putting service to an organization above personal glory.

Along with earning his teaching degree in music education from the University of Oregon (as well as unofficial minors in “trampoline performance” and “mascot studies”), Tyson has spent the last decade working in Oregon classrooms. He considers himself a teacher first and foremost, though his definition of what it means to “teach” often doesn’t require a classroom or a textbook.

Tyson lives in Portland, Oregon, where he curates an impressive Hawaiian shirt collection and spends every second he can with his amazing wife, Amy. He enjoys travel, scuba diving, and hugging strangers, which he has done in 44 US States and 15 countries.

Connect With Tyson

“Tyson was fabulous. My students came away with some great information to improve their approach to leadership positions. They have already begun demonstrating improved behaviors and a commitment to improving our ensemble.”

Kevin Griggs

University of Montana Grizzly Marching Band

“He is friendly, youthful, energetic and contemporary. His keynote was right on par with our theme.”

Erica Wilson

Indiana Greek Leadership Conference Coordinator, Purdue University

“Tyson, just wanted to say thank you again for the talk you gave at our Leaders Live event here at The University of Iowa…It was very encouraging and I have a whole new view of many aspects of my life. I hope I have the honor of attending another event you are speaking at in the future. I would love to hear more about some of your experiences, in and out of the Duck suit.”>Nate Castillo

University of Iowa

“His message hit home with many of our struggling student organizations. It was as if everything we tell the students and the students ask for was validated in an instant. The most effective aspect was his realness. Tyson was perfect!”

Augie Garibay

California State University, Northridge


Always Wear Your Head

We each live our lives as part of groups: sports teams, living communities, families, congregations, and more. Commitment to these communities begins when a new member becomes aware of his or her power to influence and shape that community. Membership comes with a responsibility to contribute to the greater good, and these new members must understand the impact of their words, thoughts, actions, and choices.

In Tyson’s keynote Always Wear Your Head, he helps students understand the life-altering power of being part of something much larger than themselves. He teaches students about the role of “community” in their lives and empowers each person to get busy and play a part in making his or her community great. Speaking to the awesome power of servant leadership, Tyson shares how incredibly rewarding service to the greater good can be. Even if members of the audience aren’t sports fans, Tyson’s keynote will have audiences laughing and learning as they hear about community dynamics through Tyson’s unique perspective and experiences. If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat, positive keynote for orientation, convocations, convention, new member programs or your emerging leadership event, Tyson delivers. He’ll energize your group with his humor and insight. While he’s at it, he’ll share tips on crowd surfing in a sweaty duck suit, too.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to take personal ownership of the goals of their organization and community, with a commitment to exceeding them,
  • how to look for and make deeper and more meaningful connections to the community around them,
  • perspective on what it means to be devoted to a cause, whether a political movement, one’s education, their college, or the betterment of their campus organization, and
  • the importance of servant leadership and how personally rewarding serving others for the greater good can be.
What’s in Your Fishbowl?

We are each dealt a hand at birth—genetics, family resources, gender, culture, race, and circumstance. Then external influences like our environment and childhood experiences start shaping us. Schools, community centers, churches, sports teams, and neighborhoods each have their unique impact on our development. We make choices, others make choices for us, and the world moves us along at the ever-constant pace of 60 minutes per hour. But then, at some point, you start calling more of the shots. You get to make your mistakes and accumulate wisdom that shapes the most critical moments in your life. The question is: have you taken control yet? Or are you still letting life happen to you?

What’s in Your Fishbowl is about empowerment of the individual; how you can begin deliberately shaping your path, choosing your influences, and increasing the likelihood of a productive and rewarding life. With Tyson’s help, you will learn to make smart decisions consciously and to take some control over the future as it unfolds before you. College is an excellent time to ask and answer these critical questions. Whether you’ve found yourself at this moment because of great planning, or simply as a result of chance, now is a time to dedicate yourself to a life lived intentionally. Every moment presents an opportunity to make choices that lead to success.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • ways to begin taking control of their destiny as they become more autonomous in their decision-making abilities,
  • how the influences that have shaped their lives until this point do not limit them from becoming who and what they wish to be, and
  • tools to identify the right path to take and influences to find to achieve their goals and ambitions.
Talk, Don’t Shout

The 2016 election exposed a highly polarized and frustrated electorate. Democrats, Republicans, and those in-between have become severely divided not just on politics, but also on what the facts are. Unfortunately, most of us choose to stay quiet. Our parents taught us not to talk about religion and politics, especially with someone whose beliefs may not match our own. Hence our nation is fundamentally divided because of philosophical lines, with no good way to heal.

What’s the solution? Talk. Dialogue. Conversation.

In this keynote, Tyson encourages audience members to challenge ideas and be open to refining your beliefs by listening and learning from other people. Tyson will facilitate a dialogue between students, staff, and faculty, and, more importantly, leave everyone with the tools to continue the conversation after that. Let’s all learn how to share ideas again thoughtfully!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to strategically use open-minded questions to start meaningful conversations,
  • how to actively listen to others, and
  • how to thoughtfully challenge their beliefs in light of new ideas.

Custom Programs

Team Retreats

Tyson provides educational experiences for groups large and small. All content is selected after a phone interview to address your specific needs, so every retreat is uniquely customized to your team. These experiential methods and constructive approach not only deliver content in an easy, fun, and memorable way, they also build peer accountability into the formula, leaving you with an engaged and helpful team of student leaders long after the retreat is over.

Topics include:

  • Leadership techniques
  • Effective communication
  • Team-building
  • Consensus building
  • Strategic planning
  • Mission clarity