Shinjini Das

As we look forward to ushering in 2017, several goals and aspirations are in the rearview mirror. Some fulfilled dreams, some unfulfilled. Some exceeded goals, some not so much. Some incredible highs, some backbreaking lows. The go-getter girl in us reflects on the happenings of the past year, and she feels rejuvenated and incredibly hopeful about the gifts 2017 may bring. A go-getter girl is one of a kind, so let us explore her top five most closely guarded secrets to discover what makes her who she is today.


1. She believes that her story will be one of the greatest stories ever written.

Confidence, a very high self-esteem, or pride in her abilities, whatever you may call it, a go-getter girl truly and seriously believes that her story will be one of the greatest stories ever written in this world. There’s a very fine balance, because on one hand, as go-getter girls, we don’t want to be perceived as arrogant or brash. But on the other hand, a healthy dose of self-confidence is exactly that-healthy. Feel free to call us self-obsessed, but provided that our confidence is matched with intense labor and dedication to our dreams, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with identifying as a go-getter girl of the ME generation.


2. She puts herself first in order to be of service and value to those around her.

Let’s be honest: Putting ourselves first is looked down upon. It makes us appear selfish. But, the alternative to this is the idea that if we really take the time to invest in ourselves, our work ethic, abilities, strengths, and areas of improvement, we actually create much greater value for those around us. Once we’re in a position to enable success for ourselves, we also in turn enable greater success for others. It’s a common misconception that putting ourselves first is selfish and negative, whereas actually investing in ourselves is probably the best gift we could give to our near and dear ones.


3. She’s always planning her next move to inspire and enable the world.

As go-getter girls, we’re hardly ever in one place for too long. Along these lines, a go-getter girl is constantly planning her next move to inspire and positively influence the world. She’s in it for the long run, and is keen to create an impact that will endure long after she’s gone.


4. She nurtures her circle of close friends and family.

A go-getter girl knows that it’s tough to constantly be on the go, so she nurtures relationships with her close friends and family with great care. She regularly sets aside time to spend with friends and family, and considers this time sacred to focus on what’s truly important, as we should, too.


5. She’s proud of herself for overcoming adversity and achieving her dreams.

A go-getter girl, while hard and strict on herself, is also very proud of how far she’s come. Can she go farther? Absolutely. But, she makes it a point to practice gratitude for her blessings. While there’s always more we can do, it’s also equally important to sit back and enjoy the progress and success you’ve achieved.


This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post.

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