A new initiative to fight unrealistic body image


Over eight years ago, Stacy Nadeau was featured in Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. Today, both Stacy and the campaign continue to fight the war against unrealistic looking women in advertising and media. Dove featured Stacy’s popular photo of her posing in her underwear as part of their new initiative: a Photoshop action that reverts touched-up photos back to their original state. With this campaign, Dove is reaching out to those directly responsible for manipulating our perceptions with hopes to open their eyes to the real beauty every woman possesses behind the Photoshop effects.

“If I can be a part of changing the media’s view on women’s body types, then that’s fantastic,” Stacy said. “I have always been a curvier girl and always will be. I am proud of my body and think all women should be proud of theirs too,” said Stacy.


Stacy, along with efforts by partners like Dove, are on a mission to help all women feel confident in their own skin.

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