A new voice to Martin Luther King Jr. Day programming


Searching for programs that unite students, faculty and staff across differences for the common good of the community?

Meet T. Leon Williams. His passions are witnessing the growth and development of students, and the professionals who work with them, and he might just know a thing or two about uniting unique groups on campus. For years, Leon has been taking on the persona of the renowned Martin Luther King, Jr. in his keynote, Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory in hopes to continue Dr. King’s message and his relentless focus on “equality and justice for all.”

MLK Day—January 20, 2014—is the perfect opportunity to start the year off right by making an impact on your community. Dr. King’s life and legacy serves as a moral compass of what every campus aspires to become, and this celebration is arguably the most inclusive annual program that brings together students, faculty and staff of diverse populations.

With this year marking the 50th Anniversary of the “March on Washington” many are wondering what would Dr. King say about our communities today?

Leon’s MLK Day specific programming is a dramatic interpretation of What Dr. King Have To Say Today? Leon brings to remembrance the oratory excellence of Dr. King and will challenge your campus to accept the charge of creating an environment of inclusivity.

“The audience will be challenged to accept the responsibility of leading a generation of educators and learners through the 21st century greatest challenge, “racial reconciliation.” No other generation has had both an advantage and disadvantage in helping the country start the healing process,” said Leon.

More than just a powerful speech, Leon challenges audience members to greatness and has them walking away with a new found strength in:

− Leadership
− Awareness of systems of Oppression
− Knowledge to become an active Social Activist
− Understanding of the significance of racial harmony
− New knowledge of historically marginalized individuals and groups

This January, relive the powerful words that were uttered more than 50 years ago to spark yet again those critical conversations on your campus.

Visit campuspeak.com/williams to learn more about how Leon can provide MLK and other yearly programming for your campus.