Academic Success

Feeling Crispy? 5 Tips to Embrace Your Burnout

I have been a researcher in wellness and burnout recovery for almost 20 years, and this past year I have seen more use of the word burnout than ever before. People are now naming their burnout, and we are moving beyond the hustle culture mentality that production is equal to busyness. The idea that we […]

Finding Your Why: Recruit With Your Why

As a leader of your organization, you are excited to help it continue to grow. One way to do this is through recruitment. Organization fairs, informational meetings, tabling, and social media are all great ways to attract new members. But, they all require you to interact and build a relationship with a prospective member. This […]

The Beauty of Belief

“Belief is so easy we make it hard.” Marilyn Trotter. Marilyn holds a special place near-and-dear in my heart because she is the woman who gave birth to me. My mom has had unprecedented belief in me since day one. In fact, she was the first person who foresaw me impacting others with my words […]

The Outer Body Experience

Are you afraid to go, “outer body?”  NOPE! Before you even think it… this obviously isn’t a pitch to tamper with the hottest drugs sold in the streets although feelings from the experience I’m talking about may produce a similar effect. The rush of endorphins and dopamine (what I call the happy hormones) released when having this outer body […]

The Essential Conference Checklist

One of the most exciting parts of the spring semester is conference season! Whether you are attending your own organization’s leadership program or a conference like AFLV, NGLA, NACA, SGLA, these programs are great opportunities to understand how you can grow as a leader, better serve your community, and make an impact.  But, did you […]

Procrastination: The Art of Putting Things Off

Procrastination is something that every human will experience at some point. While it may not be putting off a project or a specific deadline, you probably are avoiding a conversation you know you need to have, or maybe avoiding going to the doctor or seeing a counselor to get help with your health struggles, or […]

Finding Your Stakeholders

In both our Finding Your Why and Council Surge Interactive Workshops, we talk about the importance of working with stakeholders. Stakeholders help us as leaders realize our potential, make meaning of our experiences, and achieve our goals. But, many times, we only turn to them when we need something or when something goes wrong, which […]

Don’t Let Classes Interfere With Your Real Education

By: Tom Healy I was recently asked a few weeks ago to provide my best advice to students as they enter a new school year, here is what I had to say: I strongly believe that the best learning experiences on a college campus come OUTSIDE the classroom which means you need to get involved […]

24 Hours to Live

By: Darryl Bellamy Jr. Each year, thousands of students begin college afraid about what’s to come. Somehow, they think that they’re the only one feeling scared and nervous about what’s next, afraid of failure, and not entirely confident in their abilities. After reading 5,553 fears (and counting), If I had 24 hours to live and […]

My Biggest Takeaways as a Non-traditional College Student

By: Ethan Fisher, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker It seems like college was only a short time ago. College was a part of my life for over a decade – and no – I’m not a doctor. In 1998, I started my freshman year, and I didn’t graduate with my first bachelor’s degree until 2010. I received my […]

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A lot of people get down on college students these days. “They complain too much!” “They don’t want to work!” “They have unrealistic expectations!” “They don’t want to work their way up!” “They can’t handle the pressure!” They are not “resilient,” they say. Even a simple Google search of “college students and resilience” will produce […]