Aligning student leadership & digital identity


Generation Z is the most connected generation in history. These students do their homework on a tablet, upload videos to YouTube from their smartphone, and have probably never wondered, “Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?”.

Students are connected 24/7 and their leadership style should reflect that. The leaders of today must remember every tweet they send, status they post, and article they blog will be available forever. Strong Signals is a 3-hour interactive workshop that allows the student to explore these realities. Participants will examine their digitial identity, personal online behavior, and create a social media strategic plan for their organization.

There are many challenges of being a leader in the digital age, but social media does not have to be a hurdle. Strong Signals gives student leaders a sense of empowerment to achieve their goals and maintain positive, authentic identities amid the chaos.

Strong Signals can be applied to any group of students on your campus: student governments, program boards, fraternities and sororities, student athletes, new students, and emerging leaders. The workshop may be incorporated into an existing leadership event, training, or retreat. As with other CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshops, you get an energetic facilitator capable of adjusting the curriculum to match the needs of your students – providing them with a meaningful, relevant learning experience.

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