Jeremy Wallace

Once I transitioned from female-to-male eight years ago, I was able to live life as my true authentic self. I am embracing the change and progress I have witnessed, not only in who I am, but also in the world around me.

I grew up thinking that I was the only one who felt out of place in my own body. Now, I see the transgender community becoming a part of scripted and reality-based TV shows, movies and social media outlets.  Transgender issues are frequently talked about and/or addressed in the media, politics and public policies.

While the progress we’re making sometimes feels slow, I look back and remind myself how much has really changed. I was able to transition publicly with community support, to speak up, to be visible and to be an advocate for more acceptance and inclusion. It amazes me that I can now freely reflect on the outside who I truly am inside  and that the transgender community’s allies are growing every day.

Each time I speak on campuses across the US, I’m always reminded of how important communication and honest conversation is. Having a dialogue about issues we may not understand is a perfect place to start.

Credit // Author: Jeremy Wallace

Jeremy L. Wallace is an author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur. His book,Taking The Scenic Route To Manhood, chronicles his extraordinary journey as a transgender man. Combining his expertise as an entrepreneurial business owner and a transgender person, Jeremy speaks to corporations, organizations and groups of any size about embracing change, becoming our true selves, and living up to our full potential.

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