Body Image

Why You Want to Stop Weighting to Feel Better this Fall

Are you already looking into the mirror for hours on end, wondering what people will think of you when you’re walking to class? Do you secretly take selfies and stare at the microdetails of your skin, your nose, your hair? Or maybe you do the opposite. Maybe you avoid ever seeing yourself. You rarely let […]

Following #MeToo, a #MeFIRST Framework for 2018

In 2009, at the age of 20, I was raped and beaten—nearly left for dead, by a stranger who helped me change my flat tire. Thanks to: an amazing roommate who (despite my hesitation) put me in her car and took me to the hospital, a sex crimes detective and attorney who were determined to […]

Overcoming Tragedy: 4 Steps for Healing

By: Brittany Piper, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker October 2, 2017. Las Vegas. Life is bleak sometimes. More often, lately. For many of us, these near monthly tragedies open old wounds of violence, terror, and loss. The harsh truth is we’re all recovering and healing from something. Whether directly affected by a tragedy, or reeling from its powerful […]

Few Talk, Many Affected: Changing the Culture About Men’s Mental Health

Dr. Kevin Snyder has presented over 1,150 programs in all 50 states and has been with CAMPUSPEAK for over a decade. He’s also a former Dean of Students, an author with a best-selling book, and a professional speaker with a wealth of unique expertise both in Student Affairs and in corporate America. We sat down […]

What are you doing to make a first impression?

I can still remember what I wore the first day of freshman year of college. I was dead set on wearing an adorable fall outfit and I ignored the 90-something degree weather to sport my new flare jeans and long-sleeve top. I was sure that this super-cute outfit would impress everyone I met and make […]

Thinking about Women’s History Month

Each year, women’s history month is a time of reflection for me. It allows me time to take inventory on how I’m doing and where I’d like to go. It’s a month where I choose to honor the strong leadership of women who have gone before me. This morning, as I was searching through new […]

How to combat body bashing resolutions

The start of a new year always brings the inevitable feeling of a need to create resolutions that will change you! I’m all for goal planning and going for your dreams. However, each New Year I speak with women who have a laundry list of resolutions to change their bodies. It hurts me to watch […]

A new initiative to fight unrealistic body image

Over eight years ago, Stacy Nadeau was featured in Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. Today, both Stacy and the campaign continue to fight the war against unrealistic looking women in advertising and media. Dove featured Stacy’s popular photo of her posing in her underwear as part of their new initiative: a Photoshop action that reverts touched-up […]

Education on healthy body image

Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment is the theme for this years Women’s History Month. March is all about celebrating women and all the ways they contribute to a healthy, vibrant community! This year, Women’s History Month—an annual acknowledged month that highlights contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society—focuses on the education of […]

Finding Strength on Your Worst Self-Esteem Days

Stacy Nadeau encourages young women all over the country to focus on the positive and feel great about themselves. In 2005, she was one of six women who posed on a Times Square billboard in their underwear. Stacy uses her experience as a Dove Real Beauty model to start teaching women the importance of a […]