Boosting event attendance


Student organizations are constantly dreaming up the ultimate event for their campus. But no matter how great the event is, it won’t matter unless people actually show up.

Many student leaders have been disappointed by low attendance at the events they throw. Sometimes students scramble to increase attendance by trying things that help a little but ultimately miss the mark. Try offering free food, prizes to raffle or putting out more emails or flyers… but these usually aren’t the ideal answers. Pete Mockaitis, leadership junkie and speaker, suggests that groups focus more on making one-on-one invitations to friends and interested parties. By charging each of your members to extend many personal invitations, you’ll likely boost attendance at your next event.

Learn more about getting people to your events in Pete’s video below.

Pete Mockaitis is a speaker, author and consultant. He led nine different student organizations during his undergrad, and has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and nonprofits. He’s passionate about leadership and helping students maximize their time with the organizations they lead in college. With four different keynotes, Pete has a number of insights that will get your students where they need to be in college and beyond.

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