Date: December 11, 2018

The University of Wyoming provided the winning submission in the First CAMPUSPEAK PITCH competition. PITCH is a “Shark Tank” style event where student teams demonstrate how they will use $15,000 of educational support toward the positive impact of their community. “Redefining Cowboy Tough” was their way to address underlining mental wellness issues contributing to a statewide suicide crisis that has had deep impact on the State of Wyoming’s flagship institution.

Speaker Josh Rivedal after his presentation for “Redefine Cowboy Tough”

“The impact on our community goes beyond just bringing this problem to the front of our student’s minds through reframing the idea of mental wellness. Highlighting the formal and informal support systems each student can access is certain to make a difference on their lives for years to come.”  Said Erik Kahl, Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor who was the direct advisor to the PITCH team. 

Speaker Suzette Walden Cole with University of Wyoming students after her presentation.

“We have already noticed a shift with some of the students we interact with. People, especially men, are opening up more about what is going on in their lives and what struggles they are encountering. I believe (and hope) this continues as we expand Redefine Cowboy Tough through the spring.”  Said Dalton Stoddard, Interfraternity Council Vice President of  Safety and Wellness.

“CAMPUSPEAK is honored to have worked with the team at the University of Wyoming to provide impactful educational programming to the campus community. The student and staff worked hard to use the education we provided to help save the lives of students and to improve the University community”- Monica McGee, Chief Operations Officer of CAMPUSPEAK.

Do you have an idea on how you can solve a campus issue? PITCH by CAMPUSPEAK returns to AFLV Central & West this Spring. You can learn more and register at