Career Development

Etiquette Essentials

Looking for a job, a date, or just some new friends? There are a few things you can do to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Let’s face it: life is one long series of interviews and is ripe with challenges and disappointments, so you may not always land the opportunities you seek. […]

Five reasons you should attend CSA

The College Speakers Academy is an awesome way for new and seasoned speakers alike to gain the knowledge needed to build a successful career speaking to college students across the country. If you’re on the fence about attending, consider our Top Five Reasons to attend CSA in Deerfield Beach on Monday, June 24, 2019. 1. […]

Do what you love vs. Love what you do

I recently was on a flight from Chicago to Charleston and met a new friend on the plane. For those of you who don’t know, whenever I fly I attempt to strike up a plane-ride-long conversation with my seat partner. I document their stories on my airplane friends blog. My new airplane friend’s name was […]

Shaking hands and kissing babies: Defining YOUR social network

by James Robilotta Going fishing for jobs, internships, and/or grad schools? I heard a net works! BOOM! YOU’RE WELCOME! Get it? Net-works? Like a net would work for… is this thing on? Where’s everyone going? Please don’t leave! Seriously though, we are told time and time again that we are now living in a world […]