Celebrate Black History Month with a speaker that inspires

Tish  Norman blog article Celebrate Black History Month

African-American history is rich with inspirational accounts of countless individuals that left their indelible mark on the walls of history. With Black History Month just around the corner, it’s important to start planning now to secure the right speaker for your upcoming campus celebration.

As a third year doctoral pursuant in Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville, Tish Norman is an ideal fit for your event as her finger on the pulse of the historical, social, and cultural facts and figures that are relevant and whose stories are worth sharing. Read below to see why…

Academic success. Student engagement. Leadership. These are three objectives that students of color aim for in order to experience high levels of achievement in and beyond college. The goal here is to thrive and flourish academically and foster meaningful relationships all while having the time of your life! That’s what college is all about. Social identities and life experiences are cultivated in college, so why not be well rounded, know Black history, which is clearly woven into the fabric of American history, and feel good about gaining a comprehensive understanding of information that matters?

The best way to motivate and inspire students on your campus so they experience new levels of success daily is by bringing Tish to campus for your Martin Luther King Jr. Day observation or to present a stirring keynote for Black History Month.

“When I deliver Black History Month speeches, I not only inspire students of color to properly engage themselves in campus activities, but to also help raise awareness of culturally conscious and socially relevant programming, which enhances the overall student experience.”

Racial and gender inequalities live on US college campuses. Whether we chose to have a conversation about it or not, diversity and inclusion are crucial components of today’s collegiate community. Working to disseminate historical facts that empower students helps promote and sustain a respectful and inclusive environment can help educate others on values, respectability, and unique cultural backgrounds that make up your campus.

“Students of color still face alienation, low expectations, lingering racism, and stereotyping…yes, even in large, lively social environments like college.”

Experiencing academic success is directly connected to one’s personal success, and in a culture of conformity, it can be challenging to go against the status quo and sometimes stand alone in order to become the leader you’re destined to be. Personal leadership is a critical skill that is highly valued, but also prepares students for success after college.

An excellent way to stimulate personal leadership and self-pride is to have Tish’s presentations inspire and educate your campus community on the importance of Black history and student success.

Credit // Author: Tish Norman

Tish Norman uses creative energy and stylish motivation to help students release their inner leader. She is known for her humor, her energy, and for delivering programs that offer practical information and positive strategies. Learn more about Tish and her keynotes at campuspeak.com/norman.