We Will Touch People’s Lives – It’s the only reason we are in business—to deliver important ideas which empower students to make a difference in their communities and in their own lives. Everything we do will honor, respect and promote human dignity and potential.

This is the first of our five CAMPUSPEAK Core Values. It has not changed. It will not change. We believe that it all begins by acknowledging that all people are equal and deserve our recognition and respect. Anything short of that is simply unacceptable.

We can’t limit the fear-mongers right to freely speak their hate. But, the RIGHT to spread their hate must be overpowered by our RESPONSIBILITY to spread love. It is for us to recommit ourselves to the unassailable dignity all human kind. For the simple, unqualified rejection of hatred in any form – whether by race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identification, physical or mental ability, or any other element or difference that makes humanity so beautiful.

We must use what has happened in Charlottesville, VA  as a reminder to recommit ourselves to support all those who are oppressed, marginalized, forgotten, abused, and mistreated. We must ensure that anyone whose basic human dignity and worth is questioned feels our support. We will NOT allow hate to spread in a vacuum of OUR silence.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

DO SOMETHING. Speak out – act out. Support organizations that fight hate and spread love. Challenge others to see the value of diversity and the responsibility of inclusion. Don’t be silent. We won’t.

David Stollman