Coaching & Consulting

All campuses and organizations face challenges. Only when you can identify the problem can you begin working on a solution. CAMPUSPEAK has a team of expert coaches & consultants who can not only help you discover the root cause of your community’s challenges but also guide you on how to create lasting, positive change in a way that will best fit the developmental needs of your students or staff.

Our Process

When you bring a CAMPUSPEAK consultant to campus, you can expect a highly qualified expert to help you address an important issue or need which may be deeply rooted within your community. Consultations will always look a little bit different and are tailored to match the needs of each specific campus or organization, however a standard visit would likely include:

  • An hour-long pre-visit information gathering phone call with your consultant to discuss your specific goals, applicable data, needs, and schedule for their upcoming visit.
  • One or two full eight-hour days with your consultant on-campus interacting with students, staff, entire organizations or departments, and community members through meetings, focus groups, and optionally, keynote presentations or facilitated workshops.
  • A detailed, written report of their findings delivered within 30 days of their visit, including:
    • Situation Analysis
    • Summary of the Visit
    • Evaluation of Observed Trends and Themes
    • Recommended Next Steps for Improvement
  • An hour-long post-visit phone or video chat session scheduled at your convenience to review and discuss their written report.

Consultations can take many forms, and one individual or a small team of consultants may be needed to help address your needs. Our team can help you craft a highly customized solution that will fit your budget and timeline while also providing an outline and action steps to create systemic change on your campus.

Topic Area Expertise

Topic Area Expertise
We provide expertise on the following areas:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Fraternity/Sorority Life
  • Hazing
  • Leadership
  • Risk Management
  • Cultural Greek Organizations
  • CAS Standards
  • Staff and/or Community Development

If the specific topic area you’re looking for isn’t listed, don’t worry! We would be excited to help you find a consultant to fit your individual needs and goals.