Community Building

Circles of Grace: Taking Diversity from Head to HEART

By: Justin Jones-Fosu, Speaker Have you ever wondered how one event can happen and yet so many people see it from so many different perspectives? I remember about three years ago I was perplexed by an event, and I saw people on social media taking a whole different perspective. I couldn’t accept the “let’s agree […]

Legendary Leadership: 4 Ideas to Transform Your Leadership from Average to Awesome!

Legends are not born, they are made. To be clear, legendary leadership is not about creating legendary individuals, but rather legendary organizations, movements, and causes. True legends are remembered, not because they focused on themselves, but because they focused on something bigger than themselves. Applying these 4 Ideas will move your leadership from merely average […]

Building a legacy through leadership and service.

Service is an integral part of leadership. Not only do student leaders have the opportunity to inspire and guide their fellow students. They can also model the importance of serving our communities, and giving to those in need. Someone who modeled this for me was my mother. Here is a story about her: It was […]

The #1 most underrated leadership quality & why you need it!

When you think of a leader what do you initially think of? Do you think of a person that is a great delegator, a great communicator and an inspirer? Well one of the most underrated qualities of a great leader is humility. I am sorry that I said the bad “H” word, but it is true. While many leaders […]

WARNING: Being a Grown Up is Bad For Your Health

College is the place where we’re educating ourselves so that we can be happy and successful “Grown Ups” right? But just what is it that we’re preparing for? The world is changing fast and what many people understand as being a Grown Up is not actually working in the real world. Here are three myths […]

Ask a Second Question

“How are you?” “Good.” “How are you?” “Tired.” “How are you?” “Busy.” Sound like a familiar conversation? “How are you?” Has become a throwaway question and a space filler in seemingly meaningless interactions. It’s casually tossed out when passing someone in the building and it is asked flippantly in the beginning of meetings. We ask […]

What is Going Right?

It is so easy to look around our world or our communities and find the things that aren’t working. People hurting each other, abusing drugs or alcohol, losing their lives from violence and other causes, moral disengagement, anti-intellectualism, and more are common staples of headlines today. As a culture, we spend a great deal of […]

Boosting event attendance

Student organizations are constantly dreaming up the ultimate event for their campus. But no matter how great the event is, it won’t matter unless people actually show up. Many student leaders have been disappointed by low attendance at the events they throw. Sometimes students scramble to increase attendance by trying things that help a little […]

3 ways to transition from competition to collaboration

Would you rate the organizations on your campus as being more competitive or collaborative? If your campus is like mine, then the fraternities and sororities may get along on the surface, but behind closed doors (and sometimes not so behind) there are divisive rivalries and unhealthy competition. Maybe it is a social club/organization that is […]

Challenge accepted: How much pizza can you eat?

by James Robilotta Alright friends, we are two months into the semester. By now you have taken midterms, gotten tired of the dining hall food—except for the omelets and waffles, owned the fact that you and roommate aren’t quite “besties”, and realized, more than ever, you LOVE college. Well before you flip the cruise control […]

It’s not what this campaign is about. It’s who.

In January of this year, Mike Dilbeck, a national advocate for ending bystander behavior, founded the Every|Day Hero™ Campaign—a national initiative of the RESPONSE ABILITY Project. With a mission to empower the every|day hero in all of us, this initiative provides ongoing educational and empowerment resources to fulfill the Every|Day Hero Pledge in our lives—and […]

SALAD – Building stronger campus communities for 8 years

In the past eight years, SALAD, a community building interactive workshop, has provided students with ways to make their campus communities more inclusive. On November 3, 2003, SALAD launched at Miami University of Ohio with great success. It is now the longest running Interactive Workshop that CAMPUSPEAK has to offer. SALAD has visited campuses nationwide […]