Confrontation Skills

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Not All Heroes Wear Capes They say not all heroes wear capes. And they’re right. Heroes come in all forms. Some flashier than others. Some who look like you or me. Each unique in their own way. But the one thing all heroes have in common is their ability to stand up and speak out. […]

Anyone That Truly Cares About Their Organization Has Thought of Quitting

By: David Stollman, CAMPUSPEAK President & Speaker Nobody talks about it, but anyone that truly cares about their organization has thought of quitting. It might be a fleeting thought, but it is there. Don’t feel guilty about it. It is a natural part of caring as much as you do. You’re reading this because you’re a […]

The “secret sauce” of SNL’s success is dropping the drama

  It is strange that a show like Saturday Night Live’s success comes from removing “drama,” but it’s true! To understand why, let’s first talk about belonging, psychological safety and authenticity. Belonging. My friends Gentry and Josh over at Dyad Strategies told me a lot about belonging that I already knew. Good research can uncover […]