Elaine Penn


Communication, Organizational Change, Strategic Planning, Stress Management


Organizations are complex systems made up of many different people. They have a range of personalities, strengths, challenges, resources, motivators, and perspectives within their teams. Just like any living organism, these systems can become stressed and misaligned, leading to low performance, strained growth, and an unhealthy environment. But with some assessment, planning, and coaching, you can bring new life and focus to your teams to make sure they are set up for success and thriving. With the help of a CAMPUSPEAK consultant like Elaine Penn, you can improve communication throughout the organization so that expectations and priorities are clearly defined, vital information is shared, people understand other’s roles, and team members feel respected, understood, and valued.

Elaine Penn is an executive coach, workplace consultant, facilitator, and motivational speaker, who has worked in higher education in various capacities for more than 25 years. Currently, she serves as a trusted advisor to CEOs, Vice Presidents, Executive Teams, and high-ranking national political appointees. In this role, Penn acts as a coach and mentor, asking questions, conducting research and interviews, and offering strategic and fresh perspectives.

Penn aligns organizations and leaders with their vision and goals, uncovers key issues, brainstorms options, and helps create strategic action plans for future success. She has worked within a range of industries: universities (with administrators, directors, coaches, staff, and students), corporations, and government agencies. Penn is a certified coach, and brings a diverse perspective as a university professional and business leader. Prior to coaching and consulting, Penn worked full-time in higher education as: Director of Special Projects for the Chancellor, Chief Fundraiser and Executive Producer of award-winning educational documentary projects, Director of Campus Recreation, and a Volleyball Coach.

Areas of Expertise

Let Elaine Penn use her expertise as a coach and facilitator to help your organization in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Strategic visioning and values
  • Internal relations and team building
  • Strengths-based organizations
  • Positivity in the workplace

Group Coaching

Group coaching is one of the fastest processes for bringing groups together around common goals, overcoming roadblocks regarding processes and people, defining a clear way forward with actions steps, and gaining the needed buy-in to make the changes last. Penn facilitates a three-hour group coaching session in which she uses a group coaching model (GROW) around one specific topic and goal.

Executive Coaching

Through the Executive Coaching process, you will develop a greater leadership presence and power. Over a six-month or year long period, you will identify your purpose and vision, clarify goals and actions steps, enhance communication skills, build strong teams, and resolve key workplace challenges.

Group Retreat

A one or two-day retreat allows your organization to reconnect and inspire the team, meet organizational needs, and move from goal to action. The retreat, which includes the group coaching component, is a combination of the head and the heart. It includes relevant dialogue, goal setting, and action steps, but also involves individual and small group activities, meaningful conversations, stories, and music designed to deepen relationships and reenergize the organization.

Sound Healing

Joining Penn at the retreats is nationally acclaimed sound healer and singer-songwriter, Nancy Pitkin. Pitkin leads a relaxing sound meditation towards the end of the day to lower stress, increase positivity and creativity, and manifest goals. Also she also plays light piano music in the background throughout the day, and sings several original songs with Penn to reinforce specific learning points.

Sound has been used for thousands of years as a healing technique and is supported by cutting-edge science. It is used by leading hospitals, such as Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, Baptist, Johns Hopkins as an integrative healing modality, and by global corporate leaders, athletes, and performance driven professionals.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Elaine Penn can help you through a consultation, contact the CAMPUSPEAK team by calling
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Elaine Penn’s Bio

Elaine Penn, M.Ed. is an executive coach, consultant, facilitator, motivational speaker and musician who inspires leaders and teams to reach their highest potential. Specializing in strengths based leadership, communication, strategic visioning and problem solving, engagement, positivity, and personal wellbeing, she helps leaders identify their vision, find passion in their work, and build engaged and successful teams.

Elaine understands what inspires people, and how to build relationships and trust. She has worked within a range of industries, government agencies, and universities, coaching CEO’s, Vice Presidents, university administrators, government officials, and individuals throughout organizations. Elaine is a certified coach, and brings a diverse perspective as a university professional and business leader.

Prior to coaching, Elaine worked in higher education, in which she held numerous leadership positions including: Chief Fundraiser and Executive Producer of award winning educational documentary projects, Director of Campus Recreation and Volleyball Coach.

Some of Elaine’s clients include: Carolina Urology Partners, City of Greensboro, City of Durham, HanesBrands,Middle District of North Carolina Parole Team, Microsoft, Modern Toyota, Roth and Associates, University of North Carolina Greensboro, University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA South Athletic Conference, and Window World Corporate.