Five reasons you should attend CSA

The College Speakers Academy is an awesome way for new and seasoned speakers alike to gain the knowledge needed to build a successful career speaking to college students across the country. If you’re on the fence about attending, consider our Top Five Reasons to attend CSA in Deerfield Beach on Monday, June 29, 2020.

1. Learn from the experts. It is rare that you’ll have a chance to learn from speakers and professionals who devote their professional careers specifically toward college speaking. During the College Speakers Academy, you’ll have full access to CAMPUSPEAK staff members who spend each week helping to build a strong and credible business. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with speakers who have over 30 years of combined experience speaking in Higher Education. Who is better to learn from than the experts themselves?

2. Answer your burning questions. The Higher Education community can be incredibly difficult to break into. So many speakers who want to grow their business in this special market get hung up when trying to learn the language, culture, and trends of the industry. We take careful time to address overarching information that everyone needs to hear, then spend time with the group and individually answering questions as they specifically relate to your topic and approach.

3. Deepen your understanding. With so many choices for college speakers, it is important to deepen your understanding of who exactly you’re trying to reach and what about yourself sets you apart from the competition. We will help you determine which special niche areas might be the best fit for your expertise area and will share ideas for your continued professional development as a speaker.

4. Think differently about marketing. When people think about marketing, they may only consider emailing campus administrators and developing a social media presence. However, truly successful speakers know that marketing is much more than a fancy email or catchy Twitter hashtag. At the College Speakers Academy, we will discuss how a three-pronged approach to marketing (digital, print, and human networking) helps speakers in Higher Education market achieve their desired success.

5. Develop an action plan. After years of providing this program for speakers who want an extra advantage when building their presence in Higher Education, we’ve developed an action plan that allows you to get started as soon as the College Speakers Academy ends. This document is your blueprint for success and can guide even the most seasoned speaker in creating a speaking business that allows you to visit more campuses and impact more students.

Interested in attending CSA in Deerfield Beach, FL this June 29? Learn more at And, as a special incentive for checking out our top five reasons to attend, use promo code TOPFIVE to receive $50 off of the registration rate! Please register soon, as CSA registration increases May 1st!