Decision Making

Why dignity? It’s all about the cookie!

by Mike Dilbeck, Founder and Executive Producer of DignityU To even begin answering this question, we must first ask, “What is dignity, anyway?” Dignity is one of those words that is thrown around quite a bit but very few actually know what it means. To be honest, I didn’t know before I started to explore it […]

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A lot of people get down on college students these days. “They complain too much!” “They don’t want to work!” “They have unrealistic expectations!” “They don’t want to work their way up!” “They can’t handle the pressure!” They are not “resilient,” they say. Even a simple Google search of “college students and resilience” will produce […]

How does one find their life’s passion? By serving others.

Nowadays we are asked to volunteer for many different things – from serving at food banks, to walk-a-thons, to participating in breast cancer awareness events. All of which are important. But while volunteering, we often act mechanically without a thought – except to just to get it over with. To volunteer is to give of […]

On the road with Decision SCOPE

I am on a mission to help college students improve their decision making skills and I’m channeling this through the new Interactive Workshop, Decision SCOPE. I have conducted six Decision SCOPE workshops this year, impacting more than a thousand students. I begin with a story about a college student making a dramatic decision. The story […]

SCOPE your life decisions

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and we are players.” I didn’t always see life this way. I just fumbled along with a vague notion that I should have goals and seek ways to accomplish them. It wasn’t until I was in graduate school that a professor suggested I read the book, The […]

A fork in the road

“A Fork In the Road” is a simple moment when even the smallest decision can lead to spectacular outcomes. You may not recognize it at the time, but looking back, you know it made all of the difference. In fact, it can change everything we know and believe about you. It can change your entire […]