By Quinn Conyers

When I stepped on Campus as a college student, I wasn’t really sure what to expect!

I knew graduation was the goal but I wasn’t sure what do during the 4 years before I received my cap and gown!

Thankfully there was an organization on campus that helped minority and multi-cultural students transition from high school to college!

I was assigned a student Peer Mentor and that’s when I got my first taste of student leadership! My student peer mentor helped me navigate through college and was the inspiration behind my start as a Student Leader.

After my first semester in college, I became a Student Peer Mentor. After that I ended up holding several leadership position on campus including a President of the Multicultural Recruitment Team and a Resident Assistant to name a few!

My leadership roles awarded me recognition on campus, invites to student leadership conferences and I served as a speaker at my college commencement ceremony!

My advices for any female student in a leadership position is simple, DO, Delegate and Dream!


In order to be an effective lady leader you must DO what you are asking everyone else in your organization to do. In the simplest form you are leading by example. This means rolling up your sleeves, doing the work, and having a hands approach in your organization. No one wants to be apart of a dictatorship. Your fellow students will admire and respect you, if they see you living what you are preaching.


Many leaders on campus experience burn out! Classes, leadership roles and academic expectations can be overwhelming! Often times, lady leaders struggle with saying NO, which can stifle students. If you are an active leader experiencing this, it may be time to delegate. This simply means getting help from other members in your organization to reach the goals of the club, sorority or association. When delegating, choose a person who you feel has the skill-set to get the tasks done. Communicate why you chose them and let them know you will be a resource for them as the task is executed.


Share your vision as a lady leader! You decided to join the organization on campus for a reason. If you have a vision or dream on how they club, sorority, or association can be improved share it! Your dream or vision could be exactly what your organization needs to recruit more members, increase diversity on campus or prevent students from dropping out!

Quinn Conyers earned her BA from West Chester University in PA and a Masters from Howard University in Washington DC.  To learn more about Quinn Conyers as a Speaker visit