Just three months before graduation, Mark Sterner and four of his best friends headed to Spring Break. On the final night, they decided the least drunk would drive home. The next morning, three of the men were dead, and Mark was lying in a hospital bed critically injured and facing three counts of DUI manslaughter. Instead of being the first in his family to graduate college, Mark ended up the first member of his family to go to prison.

Mark’s acclaimed keynote, DUI: A Powerful Lesson, leaves students with a real story that forces them to confront their own decisions. He is impactful with his words, and by simply sharing his story, rather than preaching consequences, he makes a true and honest connection with his audiences. He puts faces to the tragic consequences of impaired driving by showing a video his friends made of their trip, ending just moments before the crash. Students realize that the everyday choices they make – like drinking and driving – can cause an everlasting impact on their friends, families, and themselves.

Don’t lecture your students on drunk driving. Give them the opportunity to understand the real and serious consequences associated with it, and let them be affected enough to help keep themselves and those around them safe.

“It is incredible that Mark has the courage to stand in front of several audiences and repeat his story over and over again. Our entire school agrees that it was by far the most effective and influential assembly we have ever had. It was a presentation that I will never forget. Thank you for doing this for everyone because it really impacts the choices we make, and it does make a huge difference.” – Kristen, Student, Rye High School

“As Mark addressed our student body after sharing his Spring Break video, you could have heard a pin drop. It is a rare occasion when you can get 65 students to all turn off the cell phones, stop chatting and really tune into a speaker. Mark’s message really struck a chord. Very powerful. The following week, as students were beginning to pack up for Spring Break, I even heard a student yell to a friend, “Be safe! Don’t pull a Mark…,” so I know the message got through!” – Kimberly Anderson, Lynchburg College

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