It’s the little things…

By: Katherine Mason Young Traveling for work I find myself in all sorts of social dynamics on any given day. Everyone is focused on their own stuff and we often feel crazy busy to boot. I recognize that while not everyone is going to be your best friend – perhaps nothing more than an acquaintance […]

Etiquette Essentials

Looking for a job, a date, or just some new friends? There are a few things you can do to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Let’s face it: life is one long series of interviews and is ripe with challenges and disappointments, so you may not always land the opportunities you seek. […]

Eight ways to use etiquette to your advantage

Looking for a job? A Date? New Friends? Here’s how to put your best foot forward. Lets face it, LIFE is one long series of interviews. Filled with challenges and disappointments, you may not always land the opportunities you seek. With any luck, each step will bring a new direction, promotion, or change. If this […]