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CAMPUSPEAK Adds 21 New Facilitators to its Roster in 2017


May 19, 2017, Orlando, FL – CAMPUSPEAK announced today the addition of 21 new facilitators to its roster, focused on leading the company’s Interactive Workshops.

CAMPUSPEAK offers 11 Interactive Workshops that encourage students to interact and take an active role in their own learning experience. These workshops are led now by a team of 41 highly skilled and qualified Higher Ed professionals. The CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshops cover topics such as exploring leadership values, igniting student passion, council and organizational development, and exploring social justice and diversity, just to name a few. CAMPUSPEAK has three lead facilitators, Angel Garcia, Austin Arias, and Victoria Lopez-Herrera, who are responsible for providing training and development to all facilitators, both old and new at this year’s company get together event called HUDDLE, in June in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Angel, Victoria and I are so excited to welcome these new team members to the Interactive Workshops Division and join our dynamic group of returning facilitators,” Austin Arias said. “We offer the best facilitators from around the country because we carefully choose experts that will make the most positive impacts on students and their campus communities.”


The names of the new facilitators are: Keith Becklin, Bre Berris, Brittany Bowles, Nate Burke, Dennis Campbell Jr., Alexandra Federico, Patrick Fredricks, Amanda Horvat, Kristen Kardas, Lynsy Karrick-Wikel, Lauren Krznarich, Rafael Matos, Erika Michalski, Tony Miller Jr., Jameson Root, Michael Steele, Shane Taylor, Curtis Taylor, Rolando Torres, Kristen Vega, and Julie Wagner.




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