CAMPUSPEAK has added seven new keynote speakers to its roster for Fall 2018.

CAMPUSPEAK  provides transformative learning experiences to educate and inspire college students and the professionals who work with them. With nearly 50 keynote speakers covering essential topics facing Higher Education today, we impact over 100,000 students each year. These seven new speakers were welcomed onto our TEAM this coming past June and will continue CAMPUSPEAK’s tradition as the most trusted partner in Higher Education since 1999.

“On behalf of the entire CAMPUSPEAK TEAM, we are excited to welcome the seven new speakers to the roster.  It is an incredibly exciting time for CAMPUSPEAK, and the new speaker class are storytellers, entrepreneurs, and motivators. They will provide cutting edge expertise to our already dynamic speaker roster.” said Monica McGee, Chief Operating Officer at CAMPUSPEAK.

The seven new speakers CAMPUSPEAK will be welcoming to the roster include:

A headshot of Kaylon Blake.Kaylon Blake
Experience more than a Presentation
Kaylon Blake uses his down to earth personality and southern charm to inspire student to become change agents of leadership and to creating an experience for every audience for every presentation.

Alexa Carlin
Courage & Confidence
Alexa Carlin is on a mission to make a difference in at least one person’s life every single day. Through her authentic energy and impactful stories, Alexa empowers students to push through obstacles, develop a positive mindset, and build unwavering courage and confidence.

Linnita Hosten
Driving Your Leadership Success
Linnita Hosten is championing students to take the driver seat of their decisions so that they can live impactful lives & lead influential teams. She brings high energy & practical, heart-felt & powerful advice to all of her presentations.

A headshot of Ben HoyerBen Hoyer
Meaning. Impact. Community

Ben Hoyer is the founder and director of Downtown CREDO, a social-enterprise focused on improving quality of lives by cultivating networks of meaning, impact and community

Rafael Matos
The Art of Leadership

Rafael Matos believes that “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” So, what will you create? Through dynamic storytelling, Rafael inspires students to create their authentic self.

A headshot of Samantha Ramirez-Herrera.Samantha Ramirez-Herrera
A DREAMer that is a DOer
Samantha Ramirez-Herrera is CEO & Founder of, Samantha is an expert in multicultural communication for Latin and Hispanic audiences and focuses her work on relevant social issues.

A headshot of Hailey Yatros.Hailey Yatros
Creating Authentic Connections

Hailey Yatros is on fire to bring people together in an authentic way. In a world dominated by social media, she brings students back to the basics on ways to build meaningful connections and lasting relationships; the power of presence.


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