First Year Experience

24 Hours to Live

By: Darryl Bellamy Jr. Each year, thousands of students begin college afraid about what’s to come. Somehow, they think that they’re the only one feeling scared and nervous about what’s next, afraid of failure, and not entirely confident in their abilities. After reading 5,553 fears (and counting), If I had 24 hours to live and […]

Overcoming Tragedy: 4 Steps for Healing

By: Brittany Piper, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker October 2, 2017. Las Vegas. Life is bleak sometimes. More often, lately. For many of us, these near monthly tragedies open old wounds of violence, terror, and loss. The harsh truth is we’re all recovering and healing from something. Whether directly affected by a tragedy, or reeling from its powerful […]

Circles of Grace: Taking Diversity from Head to HEART

By: Justin Jones-Fosu, Speaker Have you ever wondered how one event can happen and yet so many people see it from so many different perspectives? I remember about three years ago I was perplexed by an event, and I saw people on social media taking a whole different perspective. I couldn’t accept the “let’s agree […]

Old Keys Don’t Open New Doors

By: James Robilotta, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker One of the biggest threats to organizational success are individuals who were part of a system or team when it was working in the past. Reason being, these are the first people to say, “This is the way we have always done it.” AKA, the leadership phrase of death. Sometimes, […]

3 Things We Can Learn From Students’ Secret Fears

What if you could jump into your students’ minds and see what is preventing them from being the person they aspire to be? For the past few years, I’ve collected thousands (and still collect) thousands of students’ fears as a way to connect and speak specifically to their internal struggles with the hope that it […]

Few Talk, Many Affected: Changing the Culture About Men’s Mental Health

Dr. Kevin Snyder has presented over 1,150 programs in all 50 states and has been with CAMPUSPEAK for over a decade. He’s also a former Dean of Students, an author with a best-selling book, and a professional speaker with a wealth of unique expertise both in Student Affairs and in corporate America. We sat down […]

Four Tips For College Students For the Back to School Season

It’s that dreaded back to school season. We’re almost there—with the exception of you lovable overachievers going year round or on trimesters—the countdown to the fall semester officially has begun. Many students are probably wondering: How am I going to start off strong? How am I going to juggle classes along with my new relationship and […]

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A lot of people get down on college students these days. “They complain too much!” “They don’t want to work!” “They have unrealistic expectations!” “They don’t want to work their way up!” “They can’t handle the pressure!” They are not “resilient,” they say. Even a simple Google search of “college students and resilience” will produce […]

Top 5 Ways to Kick Off the Fall Semester

We’ve all been there. It’s the first week of school, and everyone is reconnecting after being gone over the summer break, or new students are trying to make new friends within a new community. Whether you’re considering a new student organization, fraternity/sorority recruitment, a sports team, or even just wanting to make new friends, here are […]

Listen Up!

When was the last time you really listened to someone? I mean really, truly listened—with no phone in your hand, no earbud in one ear, no inner monologue? Chances are it’s been a while. Listening is an incredibly powerful skill—and an even more powerful tool. By truly listening to someone, you’re ensuring their voice is […]

Legendary Leadership: 4 Ideas to Transform Your Leadership from Average to Awesome!

Legends are not born, they are made. To be clear, legendary leadership is not about creating legendary individuals, but rather legendary organizations, movements, and causes. True legends are remembered, not because they focused on themselves, but because they focused on something bigger than themselves. Applying these 4 Ideas will move your leadership from merely average […]

See something, say something: how confrontation makes us better

    Years ago, there was a student on our team—I’ll call her Julie—who did some strange things while cleaning our clients’ homes. She would try on clients’ shoes, spray on their cologne, play their very old, very expensive and very off-limits pianos (“Mary Had A Little Lamb,” no less), and she even made a […]

Do you even care?

Over the past handful of months, social media has looked like thousands of people all trying to have a “conversation” with their own megaphone.  Most of it was an unproductive hot mess. I would be fascinated to see data about if Facebook posts actually changed people’s minds, or if it just caused us to fall […]

How does one find their life’s passion? By serving others.

Nowadays we are asked to volunteer for many different things – from serving at food banks, to walk-a-thons, to participating in breast cancer awareness events. All of which are important. But while volunteering, we often act mechanically without a thought – except to just to get it over with. To volunteer is to give of […]

Building a legacy through leadership and service.

Service is an integral part of leadership. Not only do student leaders have the opportunity to inspire and guide their fellow students. They can also model the importance of serving our communities, and giving to those in need. Someone who modeled this for me was my mother. Here is a story about her: It was […]

Words Make a Difference

  Recognizing people is one the most important parts of being a leader, and it’s also one of my favorite parts. Praising and complimenting others has always come naturally to me, and I love making people feel good about themselves. But the first time I remember my positive words really making an impact on someone […]

Leadership Misconceptions: How Extraordinary Leaders Inspire and Lead Differently

  Leadership is… action, not position. transformation, not a transaction. influence, not management. a verb, not a noun. Whether I am speaking to student audiences or corporate organizations, the challenges and frustrations I hear leaders talk about have common threads. The seasoned executive and department manager are very likely dealing with many of the same […]

The #1 most underrated leadership quality & why you need it!

When you think of a leader what do you initially think of? Do you think of a person that is a great delegator, a great communicator and an inspirer? Well one of the most underrated qualities of a great leader is humility. I am sorry that I said the bad “H” word, but it is true. While many leaders […]

The DNA of Extraordinary Leadership: An interview with Dr. Kevin Snyder

Whether he’s speaking to college students or corporate executives, Kevin Snyder engages and entertains audiences by sharing powerful lessons of leadership inspiring them to think bigger, overcome adversity and work together to achieve common goals. Kevin has presented over 1,150 programs in all 50 states and has been with CAMPUSPEAK for nearly a decade. He’s […]

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

The world makes us believe that a big gift box is magically going to show up on our doorstep one day when we are least expecting it. When we see it, we’ll know it’s our passion and what we were always meant to be doing. How will we know? “It will just feel right,” they […]

Will they make fun of my sheets?

Orientation—one process every new student on campus must go through. With the billion questions that are running through every first year students’ head, James Robilotta answers probably the most important one—Will they make fun of my sheets? James, CAMPUSPEAK speaker and funny man, has worked in residence life for almost ten years, seven of those […]

The Kevin Snyder summer project

Whether you are a student or work professionally in Student Affairs, summer break is often a time for warranted vacations, pool-side BBQ’s, and perhaps getting caught up on projects silently lingering from spring. Summer should also be an opportunity for personal reflection and rejuvenation, reading a few great pleasure books (or at least audio books!), […]

Diversity. Success. Health.

The first year of college is huge. Students start their independent lives in a totally new environment, with new people and new decisions to be made. We all could use a little guidance every now and then—and Elaine Penn strives to help guide students to a place that will benefit them the most in college. […]

What I wish I knew about college

CAMPUSPEAK is helping you prepare new students for an unforgettable experience. New students, having just completed the major educational milestone of high school graduation, feel on top of the world and ready to tackle college. Some will feel completely prepared for this new experience, but most will run a gamut of emotions: happiness about gaining […]

Challenge accepted: How much pizza can you eat?

by James Robilotta Alright friends, we are two months into the semester. By now you have taken midterms, gotten tired of the dining hall food—except for the omelets and waffles, owned the fact that you and roommate aren’t quite “besties”, and realized, more than ever, you LOVE college. Well before you flip the cruise control […]

The Freshman Choice: Grow or Go Home

by Justin Jones-Fosu Being a freshman can sometimes be very daunting. You may be in a new place, learning new things, meeting new people and experiencing freedom like never before. While all these things can be extremely exciting, without the right focus this can all be exciting for only one year, and even worse just […]

Elaine Penn’s seven tips for success for new students

Today’s students shoulder many responsibilities, and everyone knows how exhausting and overwhelming the first year of college can be. ELAINE PENN aims to encourage students about the possibility of success in life and their ability to leave a mark on their campus. The current state of the economy and all that’s happening outside of campus […]