The Impact of “Light Hazing” and the Snowball Effect

“But we aren’t doing anything close to what has been reported on the news or like what they are doing in that other group!”  I have heard this statement so often in my 24 years professionally advising fraternities and sororities.  In fact, one of the first times I heard this comment was from a president […]

Hazing Can be “Phased Out” Over Time. LIE

By: David Stollman A congressional hearing investigated the hazing related death of a promising young man from Eastern Pennsylvania. He was beaten. Hot sauce was forced down his throat. Hot wax was poured on him while he slept. He told his brother back home about the abuse. He would never violate the unwritten code and […]

Anyone That Truly Cares About Their Organization Has Thought of Quitting

By: David Stollman, CAMPUSPEAK President & Speaker Nobody talks about it, but anyone that truly cares about their organization has thought of quitting. It might be a fleeting thought, but it is there. Don’t feel guilty about it. It is a natural part of caring as much as you do. You’re reading this because you’re a […]

We’re asking the wrong question!

Over the years, I’ve found members are more likely to ask me questions like “is this hazing” or “can we do this with new members”? I understand that often times legal-speak can be wordy and feel complex but is it really that complex to be kind, inclusive, and supportive? No. However, for too many years, […]

Breaking down How Women Haze: Obedience leads to power

How is it that these caring, compassionate women can become “mean girls”? Lorin Phillips, speaker with CAMPUSPEAK, admits she is still asking herself this question. It’s the culture where a myriad of hazing activities can be seen as acceptable, a culture where women are seeking out power through obedience. It’s this culture that Lorin is […]

Hazing doesn’t have to be a scary conversation

Lorin Phillips, speaker at CAMPUSPEAK and Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority’s Assistant Executive Director, has been having hazing, risk management and Fraternity and Sorority Life conversations her whole professional career. She’s dedicated to not only bettering these organizations but also getting students on-board with improving their own organization from within. “I simply believe in the vision […]

Designers against hazing: Winners of the 2013 NHPW CAMPUSPEAK Poster Contest

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2013 NHPW CAMPUSPEAK Poster Contest, who created designs around the 2013 National Hazing Prevention Week theme “Know. Decide. Act”: GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Anna-Shea Beeman, a senior and Graphic Design major at Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan. Anna created a compelling series of six posters that represented […]

National hazing prevention week CAMPUSPEAK poster contest

Want to end hazing? So do we. CAMPUSPEAK is proud to partner with HazingPrevention.org on the exciting new National Hazing Prevention Week CAMPUSPEAK Poster Contest! The deadline for submissions has been extended! Submit your poster up until February 28, 2013. If you believe you have a powerful message to help prevent hazing, now is your […]