Tom Healy

Speaker Tom Healy is passionate about helping students reach their extraordinary leadership potential. For the past seven years, Tom has used his straightforward style to empower students by challenging them, making them laugh and most importantly, helping them thrive as a leader in everything they do!

Tom recently released his new book, Limitless Leadership: Find Your Drive to Thrive. Through his personal experiences, extensive research and working directly with thousands of student leaders across the country, Tom has developed a specific system for student leaders to thrive. Here are the key actions Tom walks the reader through:

  • Be the hardest worker in the room. Outwork everyone around you, and help others understand the value of hard work.
  • Have a laser-focused vision. Know what you want for your future. Work with others to develop strong visions for organizations you are involved with.
  • Surround yourself with good people. Build and army of good people to make you a better leader, and constantly work to connect good people and organizations with each other.
  • Be authentic 24/7. Be your authentic self, and encourage others to be comfortable in doing the same.
  • Be a problem solver. Create solutions for the problems around you, and make sure organizations you are involved with have the same attitude.
  • Always persevere. Fight through whatever life throws your way, and help those around you fight through adversity as well.

You can find more information about Tom’s book, audiobook and Kindle e-book by visiting¬†here.

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