How to combat body bashing resolutions

The start of a new year always brings the inevitable feeling of a need to create resolutions that will change you! I’m all for goal planning and going for your dreams. However, each New Year I speak with women who have a laundry list of resolutions to change their bodies. It hurts me to watch women beat themselves up as they work to meet the new regulations they’ve put on themselves. This year, why not resolve to do it differently? Here are three steps you can try to combat the body bashing resolutions you might have made and welcome self-love in to your world for 2016!

1. Re-define your relationship with food. There is something so powerful about accepting the foods you like! Me? I’m in LOVE with French fries. I used to make them “my cheat treat” and only allow myself to have them if I had worked out at least three days in a row. Why? Now, I eat a small order of French fries when I feel like it.

Stop telling yourself the foods you love are “bad” and only vegetables are “good”. Food is food. When you deprive yourself, you create a scenario where you want that food even more. Then, you beat yourself up if you indulge in it. Re-define food so that it is all good. Eat the foods you love in moderation and free yourself from punishment when you do!

2. Motivate with self-love instead of punishment. Did you just indulge in a brownie ice cream sundae that you were dying to have? Do you now feel terrible? Are you making a silent promise to yourself to workout an extra hour tomorrow to burn it off? Stop. I promise that you’ll get farther by responding with self-love vs. punishment. Try focusing on the enjoyment you just felt from enjoying dessert! Send yourself some love for experiencing enjoyment in something. Focus on the friends or family you are out to eat with. When you shift your focus, you can allow yourself to enjoy dessert (or French fries), guilt free!

3. Be active because you love your body, not because you hate it. One of the most powerful things I’ve ever done is encourage myself to workout because I want a healthy body and not because I want to change it. I now stay active because it feels great. I let the numbers (my weight and size) just fall where they are going to fall. I focus on the activities I love and I’m free to be me, at the size I’m meant to be!

I wish for you a happy and healthy new year! Cheers to a year full of love, and space to dream your dreams in the healthiest way possible!

Credit // Author: Stacy Nadeau


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