By: Austin Arias

On college campuses, now more than ever, it is important to empower students to see themselves as agents of change for not only their campus but society. For our students who choose to seek out leadership development experiences or involvement on campus, their already vested interest keeps them motivated. Determining the best way to deliver this development can be tricky but CAMPUSPEAK’s Interactive Workshops provide you the opportunity to meet students where they are and provide them the opportunity to grow as people and leaders in a space catered to them. There are so many awesome benefits to bringing an Interactive Workshop to your campus.

A topic that meets your campus’ needs and the competency level of your students

CAMPUSPEAK is proud to offer a variety of workshops that can complement your leadership development programming, spark conversation around a hot topic and provide an opportunity for growth. Whether you are looking to inspire emerging leaders, have difficult conversations around diversity and inclusion, inspire fraternities and sororities to work together for change or push established leaders to think bigger, there is an IW for you. Can’t find something that works for you? Our TEAM can work to build a custom program for you and carefully select facilitators to bring it to life.

Expert facilitators providing curriculum rooted in learning objectives and CAS outcomes

We understand there are a lot of facilitators and programs around. What makes our programs different is the facilitators we carefully select, who are experts in their field. Our facilitators come from all walks of life and career paths. They are considered experts in their fields and carefully trained by us to not only deliver the curriculum but how to navigate any audience as engaging leaders. All of our curriculums are rooted in learning objectives and correlated with CAS learning and development outcomes. If your office or institution is working to achieve certain goals or standards, our curriculums can easily fit into your plans and help you reach those milestones. These curriculums are consistently being assessed to ensure they are evolving with our students.

Meet a variety of learning styles in an intimate and welcoming environment

Our Interactive Workshops are designed to be more than just a PowerPoint on a screen students may see every day in their lecture halls. The workshops incorporate a variety of visual aids, one-on-one and group discussions and personal reflection to ensure they are meeting the preferred learning style of the student. Since our workshops cater to smaller pockets of students, we are able to create an environment where students feel their input is welcome and the ultimate goal of becoming better leaders is supported by all, including their peers. Some of these conversations are awkward or different. We work with you the campus partner to understand your campus culture before the workshop so we can provide the best experience possible for these conversations.

An investment that extends beyond the day of the workshop

All of our workshops prepare students to flourish post-program. Throughout the program, students are provided workbooks that allow them to reflect along the way, create action plans and build strategic goals for moving forward. This helps your investment go beyond just the 4-hour time we are on your campus. Previous attendees of our workshops have used these plans to then work with their advisors, chapter leaders and peers to achieve change on their campuses through their organizations and/or individually become better people, officers and community members. PLUS, we are able to provide you a post-program assessment report of your attendees, what they feel they gained and what areas they may still need support on. This allows you the opportunity to better plan programs later.

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