Inspiration is at the Heart of Successful Student Leadership

Most students are overextended and overwhelmed, leaving themselves with very little personal time. Thus, it goes without saying, that without inspiration, it is difficult for students to find the energy to accomplish what needs to be done in an organization. Inspiration is the invisible power that fuels success in any club, organization or group. Without inspiration, organizational goals fall flat.

Elaine Penn, CAMPUSPEAK speaker, works to help students find their inspiration in leading again. Three ways Elaine encourages student leaders to inspire others are:

1. Lead by Example
On an intuitive level, most people know that leading by example is the most profound form of leadership. As Albert Schweitzer said, “Leading by example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” No matter your position or role in an organization, every student can make a powerful difference by leading by example and modeling the way.

2. Find the Positive
As a student leader, it is vital that you see the good in people and accentuate the positive on a regular basis. It is one of the fastest ways to help your organization succeed. Take the time to acknowledge and encourage others by pointing out the positive work they are doing in your club or organization. This will build trust and commitment among your members.

3. Be Passionate
To be an inspirational leader, you must feel passionately about the vision and mission of your organization. You must also communicate that passion in a way that helps others embrace the same level of enthusiasm. Students must feel as if their work has purpose and meaning.

Being inspired can lead to countless contributions, and advancements for your campus community. When students feel inspired, they are more focused and creative. As a result, inspired students are willing to work on team goals that promote the common good, for everyone on campus.

Elaine encourages students to do their best to follow this powerful formula for inspirational leadership:

“Lead by example, acknowledge others, be passionate about your vision, and consistently communicate that vision to others. And don’t forget, take care of yourself along the way. You, too, deserve to be healthy, happy, passionate and inspired!”

Elaine’s keynote, The Heart of Leadership tackles five powerful characteristics and actions of the heart that are vital to being a successful student leader. Through story telling, discussion, audience interaction and music, Elaine explores the importance of leading the way, inspiring others, creating a vision, believing in yourself, and serving others.

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