Inspiring stories from fearless students.

By: Darryl Bellamy Jr.

Yes, I get the opportunity to travel to campuses and talk to students about pushing through fear, but in my quiet moments, in the moments where it’s just me reading the fears I collected or reading a fearless story about how an audience member was able to overcome an obstacle; I know I’m the fortunate one.

  • I’m fortunate because I’m able to see the same fears show up often and know you’re not alone.
  • I’m fortunate because students share their worst moments and then later share how they overcame, allowing me to know for a fact there’s ALWAYS a way to overcome.
  • I’m fortunate because students keep in touch and share their fearless stories long after I leave the stage, allowing them to inspire other students (and me).

Here are three stories (of many) that inspire.

FIRST UP are three students who pushed through fear to climb Machu Picchu

“Hope all is well! Myself, along with Johnny and Ryan, heard you speak in November when you came to the Leadership Training Conference and we all were super inspired. Thank you for helping us stay fearless on our journey to Peru, including to Machu Picchu, this past week. We wore our fearless bands the entire trip!” – 01/21/19

Machu Picchu

NEXT UP is a student who dealt with a tragic situation and had a hard time letting people in – they are actively working through it!

“I recently got my fearless band, and I have been so happy with it. In 2017, my year started with my best friend committing suicide. And since then I have been afraid of letting people get close to me because the one person I let get close to me hurt me and left. The words “I love you, Goodbye” have never been so hard to hear. Since that moment I have feared to let people in, but recently I faced my fear and opened up for the third time, but this time not to a doctor or my church group, but to a new person. I can, I will and I must succeed!”
– 09/15/18

LAST, but not least, is a fraternity leader who got the courage to run for office. Even though it didn’t go as planned, he was proud of his result!

“Last week I learned a lot, and it helped me get the courage to run for Academic Chair of my fraternity and give a speech in front of everyone. It was not easy getting up there, and I ended up losing by two votes. Reminded me of your situation and I was able to keep a positive attitude afterward.”
– 11/13/17

Its stories like these that remind us what we’re capable of when we get out of our own head and push through the fears holding us back.

I should be paying your students to speak to them because their stories inspire and allow me to continue pushing boundaries and stepping out of my comfort zone to impact more, I hope they do the same for you.

So, one last question…
How much are you charging me? (haha)

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