Leadership after the New Year


Students are eyeing finals and anticipating their long, homework-free break. After returning from winter break, students have had plenty of time to sleep, eat, reflect and return to their campuses ready to hit it hard! Whether you’re facing new tenures, or beginning to eye bigger responsibilities at elections towards the end of the year, Pete has ideas on how to jump back into leadership and re-engage members.

“It can be hard to get back in the swing of things because you’ve had so much fun-lazy-home-time! And the new semester schedule feels a bit different than the old one so there’s re-adjusting to that swing also,” says Pete.

Here are three of Pete’s favorite ways to re-engage members after the New Year.

1) Dust off the contact list and call people. Don’t fall into passive emailing.
2) Don’t forget about transfer students, there could be whole new group of people on campus at that time.
3) Review or establish your goals for the next semester and give people real responsibilities toward meeting those goals.

And don’t forget the Interlude Dance—Pete’s favorite way to engage members of his audience when he’s out speaking on college campuses. He also shares the real story behind the dance, and how this particular student engaged his campus by real conversations. Check out the dance here >>>

It may be hard to jump back into the swing of things after winter break, but Pete encourages leaders to clearly set a direction for the organization as a group, dig deep to deliver real value and boldly engage in real conversations.

After all, you only have One Year to Make it Happen.

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