New Student Orientation:For Parents assist parents of new students as they transition to college through brief educational modules on 11 essential topics tied to student success. Educational modules for parents mirror the content of New Student Orientation: For Students. This program is complimentary for parents, campuses are encouraged to share the access link to parents of incoming students. The program was developed by CAMPUSPEAK and our partner LaunchPoint.

Please contact CAMPUSPEAK, if you are interested in learning more about adding University branding, customizable video messaging, clickable or downloadable campus resources, and/or customized assessment.

New Student Orientation has 11 educations modules that cover the following topics:

  • Born Gifted by Nisan Trotter: Revealing their unique gifts and talents to accelerate excellence
  • Eating Healthy in College Talia Pollock: Empowering students to reach their highest potential through eating healthy
  • Grit by Saul Flores: Navigating difficult times to achieve their personal best
  • Sex & Consent by Dr. Lori Bednarchik: Direct and authentic conversations about sex and consent
  • Taking Care of Your Mental Health Lauren Cook: Maintaining positive mental health in college and beyond
  • The Power of Inclusion by Chevara Orrin: Leaning into, and learning from inclusion
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs by Bobby Gordon: An honest conversation about alcohol and other drugs
  • Dating and Relationships in College by Rachel DeAlto: Habits and strategies for building authentic connections and meaningful relationships
  • Bystander Intervention by Tim Mousseau: Helping students understand sexual violence and empowering efforts to combat it
  • Civic Engagement Samantha Ramirez-Herrera: Empowering students to engage civically
  • Leadership and Achieving Goals by Alex Weber: Inspiring a game plan to establish personal goals to achieve dreams
  • Optional customization with your university or organizational branding. Contact for more information





Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bring New Student Orientation to my institution?

The dissemination of the program is complimentary. Universities are encouraged to share the access link post above.  If your campus is interested in customization of the content, CAMPUSPEAK can provide you a quote to include features such as customized email invitation, university branding, a video message, clickable or downloadable campus resources, customized assessment, etc. Your community can be up and running with custom New Student Orientation in as little as 24 hours, depending on contracting and data collection. Here is what the process looks like:

1. Work with your institution and the appropriate entities to handle contracting information for the campus, covering uses of the programs, rights, features, and data collection.
2. Compile the necessary contact information. We will need email addresses and names for all participants in an MS Excel .XLS file. Our team will work to ensure this file is properly uploaded for easy access.
3. You will receive an administrator login and access to the learning management system to monitor the program as needed.
4. Campus participants will receive an email detailing program access, outlining use, expectations, and technical information. You can choose to assign a specific time in which they are required to access and complete the program.
5. Depending on contracting and usage, the campus participants will gain access to the program for as long as needed to complete the curriculum. Throughout this process, participants and campuses will have 24/7 tech support. Additionally, real-time data collection will be available for campus administrators and moderators.