Just recently I was in the midst of traveling to a speaking engagement during one of Mother Nature’s angriest times. Meaning nowhere in the US was safe from her cold hands. While I was trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B with canceled flights, blizzard conditions and eventually a canceled gig. I noticed…

I noticed a couple that appeared to be in their 70’s watching some movie that I could not make out on their laptop. I noticed a family of six laughing and singing songs in their native language and downloading movies for the flight. I saw a young couple playing cards. I heard the laughter of other patrons and I even got to witness a flight attendant argue with her boyfriend and the only reason I know that was her boyfriend, was because she looked at me and said “boyfriends are a waste of life”… I don’t think she meant that …. At least I hope she didn’t.

Nonetheless, the point of it all was that in the midst of my chaos I was still enjoying my perfect present. The gift of just being in the moment, enjoying the moment and finding the good in the moment. Yes, life will give us some huge, overwhelming crazy moments but it will also give us some amazing joys that we have to honor and take in during the “prefect present”.

As a strong leader, it is important to embrace this perfect present because it reminds us that everything is not horrible, as we often find ourselves saying when ONE thing goes wrong. We often lash out at our club/organization members and event administrative staff. During this time we do not listen to others and their possible suggestions/ideas. We miss out on the present by focusing on the wrong things. Trust me I was this person, I even had a grad school teacher name me “chicken little” because I would just panic in the crises and not see the entire moment.

Loving ourselves mean we are not stressing ourselves. As leaders we should look at situations, acknowledge the craziness, but then live in the moment of the people around us. Draw from their strength and sometimes calmness. Continue to engage in the moment, to draw from your own internal strength. That’s what I did as I sat in the airport, weighing my options. I fixed what I could, which was not much at all and enjoyed the perfect present.

Becoming internally stronger is even more important. We are in the day and age of the TV and Social Media. We only see negative or when we are online we hear and read the negative and we get caught up. But, I challenge you during 2018 to look up from the computer, phone, gaming system, and even the TV to enjoy the prefect present!

Enjoying the perfect present is essential to having that perfect love affair with yourself. When you enjoy more, your passion for life increases and that self love will deepen even further.

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