Personal Growth

When I Found My Spark

At a tender age of 22, I was trapped in darkness after the loss of my right dominant arm due to a horrific car accident. This life-changing event uprooted everything I once knew. Many days I didn’t see a way out of burying myself under the pain. I lost my sense of purpose for living […]

Top 10 Ways to Be a Rockstar This Semester

By: Linnita Hosten With the new year comes a new semester. That means new classes, new professors, and of course, a new workload. To be successful, you’ll need to develop new habits in the months ahead. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Top 10 Ways to Be a Rockstar This Semester: 1. Be kind […]

Stumble Doesn’t Mean Stop

Edward G Young, III When my parents first got married, they had this grand dream to have four boys. After having two daughters, they were happy to simply have two vibrant, healthy children. Their dream of having at least one son; however, hadn’t been abandoned. They quickly conceived child number three, but the result of […]

Gifts Grow In Dark Places

By: Nisan Trotter You’re a muddy miracle! Gifts grow in dark places. I think I surprised the students at Saginaw Valley State University with those comments. It’s okay though…. I’d rather it be that way than have them fall asleep. They were glued to every word. Your gift, talent, and even potential is like a seed that is planted in the […]

Grant Yourself Permission to Bloom

By: Tara Fuller Have you ever wondered where and how you show up in other people’s memories? The thought can produce a long and never-ending rabbit hole of theories, but I find it fascinating to ponder. The many narratives out in the world about who we are can influence how we define ourselves. In a […]

Quick Life Advice

By: Darryl Bellamy I was in the Sauna early one morning and received a text from a friend that asked: At this point in your life, what are the three most important pieces of advice you would give someone? I had no idea why she was asking and thought quickly as not to overthink my […]

SELF-NAVIGATION: From Failing to Thriving

By: Alex Weber You will Fail. Worst inspirational book ever! I know, I know but that’s the honest truth, and I owe it to you to say it. Failures aren’t going anywhere, and they are often what stand in the way of creating the most for our lives. Trust me, I’ve made a career from […]

Education. The Journey Vs. The Destination

By: Kinja Dixon Every single moment of our lives should be filled with different forms of education. Do you agree? Before you answer, here are the definitions of education: The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university An enlightening experience Do you believe that most people spend each of […]

Time to Recharge: Getting YOU Back on Track

By: Austin Arias SUMMER IS HERE! I am sure you are just as excited as I am. But right about now you are probably thinking, “ How did my finals go?” “Did I forget anything in my residence hall when I moved out?” But, you are also probably thinking, “What am I am going to […]

Managing the Chaos of Life

By: Curtis Hill As a leader many times you are pulled in multiple directions at the same time. If you are not careful it will stretch you so thin, that you won’t even recognize who you are. There are three kinds of leaders. Those who are fired up, those whose fire is not burning as […]

The American Ninja Failure?

By: Alex Weber It’s 3AM and I’m sopping wet, embarrassed, and there’s a few hundred people staring at me! I just failed at American Ninja Warrior and to my surprise…I’m so, so thankful for it. My introduction to American Ninja Warrior was first as a Host for NBC. My job was to be a goofy […]

What Difference Can One Person Have

By: The Peterson Family After 15 years working with college students, Craig Peterson reached a crossroads.  “What’s next? Do I have an additional purpose in this life?” Feeling financially secure, he looked past his accomplishments and focused instead on his personal values. “I want to make a difference.” That months-long reflection led to what would […]

Rejection? Not Your Issue!

By: Andrea Mosby Often I find myself looking and listening to various media outlets. From the internet, to social media venues, to television. I find that if I pay too much attention to what’s being said, and listen to other’s opinions of what is and what is not, I will struggle with my truth. Many […]

6 Ways to Refuel Over Spring Break

By: Linnita Hosten The semester is speeding by and Spring is just around the corner! Have you thought about how you will utilize your break? Although brief, this short period of time may be an opportunity for you to revive and refuel just in time to complete the semester. Here are 6 ways you can […]

The Power of Story

By: Saul Flores At the age of 18 during my junior year at North Carolina State University, I embarked on the Walk of the Immigrants, a 5,328-mile walk across Latin America. I began the journey to raise awareness for immigration while fundraising for an elementary school in my mother’s hometown in Mexico. Reflecting on the […]

A Year to Think Big

By: Saul Flores For my younger siblings and I, the start of a new year meant a ziplock bag full of warm tamales wrapped in green corn husk. We filled our backpacks with newly-sharpened pencils, 99 cent composition books, and off-brand yellow highlighters. Finally, my parents’ year of nannying, scrubbing floors, and working odd jobs […]

The Art of the Butterfly

By: Rafael Matos These days I am all about living my best life, and as I take an inventory of the ideologies and actions I practice regularly, I realized my best life demands I get rid of outdated and impractical beliefs that stifle my growth. But navigating change is challenging; replacing old habits with new […]

Why Your Feelings Have Everything To Do With Changing the World

by Dr. Leslie Nwoke “It’s all Just Too Much” My girlfriend and I had just hopped on FaceTime to catchup. At first glance, I knew something was wrong. “Hey. You ok? What happened?” I asked, my voice quickening as I watched her fingers anxiously tap the sides of her face. As she gave a big […]

Think Big

By: Saul Flores Every day when we turn on the news, we see stories of young leaders who are standing up for issues, ideas, and communities that they’re passionate about. They’re marching, fundraising, and organizing to solve the issues that are dear to their hearts. Despite the current social challenges, one thing is for certain: […]

Why dignity? It’s all about the cookie!

by Mike Dilbeck, Founder and Executive Producer of DignityU To even begin answering this question, we must first ask, “What is dignity, anyway?” Dignity is one of those words that is thrown around quite a bit but very few actually know what it means. To be honest, I didn’t know before I started to explore it […]

The Step I Won’t Forget

By: Saul Flores It was a foggy morning when I arrived in Quito, Ecuador. I was taking the first step to embark on the Walk of the Immigrants, a 5,328-mile walk across Latin America. I began this walk to honor the journey and pay my respects to the fearless men and women who walk in […]

Enjoy this Perfect Present

Just recently I was in the midst of traveling to a speaking engagement during one of Mother Nature’s angriest times. Meaning nowhere in the US was safe from her cold hands. While I was trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B with canceled flights, blizzard conditions and eventually a […]

Overcoming Tragedy: 4 Steps for Healing

By: Brittany Piper, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker October 2, 2017. Las Vegas. Life is bleak sometimes. More often, lately. For many of us, these near monthly tragedies open old wounds of violence, terror, and loss. The harsh truth is we’re all recovering and healing from something. Whether directly affected by a tragedy, or reeling from its powerful […]

Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Saul Flores, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month From our sandy shores to our brightly colored homes, our heritage is rooted in a diaspora of cultures that are spread across Latin America. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage month to encourage students to remember where they came from, where they are, and where they will […]

3 Things We Can Learn From Students’ Secret Fears

What if you could jump into your students’ minds and see what is preventing them from being the person they aspire to be? For the past few years, I’ve collected thousands (and still collect) thousands of students’ fears as a way to connect and speak specifically to their internal struggles with the hope that it […]

I cannot make you change. But I can change me.

    “If only my spouse/child/parent/boss would change…” To focus our attention on what we can’t control produces suffering. You and I have limited resources. We have finite time, energy and attention. When we expend those resources on what is beyond our control, suffering ensues. That suffering is a sign. It means we’re out of […]

We all have a vice. This was mine.

  We all know that student. The one that has so much potential, they could probably change the world if they would only stop letting it all go to waste. Instead of studying, they’re playing video games. Instead of networking, they’re binge watching Netflix. Instead of going to the gym, they’re eating at McDonalds, again. We […]

Build a purpose-driven career

   Adam (Smiley) Poswolsky is the author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, a bestseller and #1 top-rated job-hunting book on Amazon. His next book will be published by Perigee (Penguin Random House) in 2016. He has inspired young professionals and entrepreneurs to find fulfilling work as director of community engagement for the Hive Global Leaders Program, […]