Bobby Gordon

It’s that time of year when college students around the country travel to sunny beaches and other vacation spots to enjoy their spring break. Unfortunately, some leave behind the knowledge they’ve gained and disregard some of the safer behaviors they’ve learned regarding alcohol use. Here are a few tips for a safer spring break, to help reduce risks and negative consequences associated with heavy drinking:

Spring break is a marathon, not a sprint:  Several days of heavy drinking, let alone one night, can be very taxing on the body in terms of the liver and other organs. This also can affect your immune system, and many students have tests or exams immediately upon their return from spring break.

Hydrate: Alcohol is a dehydration agent, meaning it take water out of your system. Consider limiting alcohol consumption while being out in the sun or on the beach all day, and consider alternating water for alcohol (drink-for-drink) throughout the week.

Know your surroundings: Become familiar with where you’re staying and the neighborhood. Make plans with friends to meet up at specific locations or times. Watch out for each other. Keep your phone with you at all times, and avoid looking like a tourist with your phone in hand while attempting to look at a map.  Stay in groups and avoid going off alone. Intoxicated spring breakers often make easy targets for theft and other crimes.

Predatory drugs still exist: Always watch your drink being poured by the bartender, and take your drink directly from the bartender. Carry your drink with your hand covering the open top of your drink, making it difficult or impossible for someone to drop something in your drink in a crowd. Never trust your friends to watch your drink, as they are likely intoxicated too and may not pay attention to your open drink on the table or bar for you.

Designate a driver: With so many online apps and taxis now readily available, there’s no need to risk a DUI while on spring break.

Keep these tips in mind and have a fun and safe spring break!

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