Tim Mousseau’s Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Education Program

The Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Education Program is designed around 20 micro-modules, each comprised of 10 to 15 minutes of content that can be quickly earned and deployed by undergraduate peer educators. This approach makes each module easier to implement into existing organizational events, chapter or team meetings, residence hall associations, or first-year seminars.

Designed, tested, and easy to deploy, the Peer Education Program is ready to be launched at your campus within a week and includes a comprehensive suite of curriculum and corresponding resources for a simplified launch to supplement your sexual violence prevention efforts. Setting up the program is designed to be as simple as possible.



  • 90-Minute Launch Call with Tim Mousseau to review the curriculum, recommendations for implementation, and peer educator training process.
  • Curriculum for 20 peer education modules which includes facilitation guides and presentation materials
  • Pre-Recorded Training Modules that offer relevant information, guidance, and training on each individual module.
  • Additional training on program goals, facilitation skills, and best practices for the program also included.


See what people have to say!

“Through the Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Education Program, we were split up our chapter into small groups for more intentional facilitation. This allowed each group to be more attentive and engaged with the micromodules. Many of my chapter brothers have short attention spans, so this was the perfect amount of time to keep them focused. My members commented on how they enjoyed the interactive aspects of the questions and situations. This made them feel engaged and a part of the presentation, taking the pressure off the facilitator. It’s nice to have interaction instead of just speaking to an audience.”

– Henry, Peer Educator, Tulane University


Understanding Sexual Violence
  • Group Accountability in Preventing Sexual Violence
  • Understanding Rape Culture
  • The Role of Identity & Power in Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Prevention
Survivor Support
  • Supporting Survivors During Disclosures
  • Secondary Survivorship
  • Offering Survivor Support from Afar
  • Empowering Survivors to Find Support
Healthy Masculinity
  • How to Better Support Men
  • How Men Can Better Ask for Support
  • When Masculinity Moves From Healthy to Unhealthy
  • Understanding Masculinity
Bystander Intervention
  • Handling Challenging Conversations
  • Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty in Bystander Intervention
  • Building Cultures of Bystander Intervention
  • Practicing Bystander Intervention Techniques
Consent & Healthy Relationships
  • How Boundaries Support Consent
  • Virtual Safety & Healthy Relationship
  • Normalizing Consent Conversations
  • The Nuances of Consent



Tim Mousseau received his MA in Organization Leadership with an emphasis on Instructional Design and his BA in Organizational Communication. When his career started designing college courses on Peer Mentoring for the University of New Mexico and involved working with developing leadership programs for undergraduates, he soon found his passion for working in sexual assault prevention. As a survivor of sexual violence, his mission has always been personal.

Tim has conducted original research on the topics of sexual violence prevention and emotional safety. He has helped design curricula deployed for close to 100,000 annual audience members, primarily made up of Millennials and Generation Z. This latest project brings together his passion, research, and expertise to create an impact in the work of sexual violence prevention.

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