Shaun Sperling: Beyond the vogue


We live in a world where anyone can be famous simply by uploading a funny, eye-catching video to YouTube. In 2012, Shaun became an Internet sensation after the video of him dancing to Madonna’s Vogue at his 1992 Bar Mitzvah went viral. His video has been viewed over 1 million times and he’s been a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Huffington Post Live. Watch his Vogue masterpiece here.

Shaun credits his self-confidence to growing up with a family that supported him no matter what and a community that allowed him to be himself. So how does Shaun feel so comfortable being his authentic self?

“The key to being yourself is vulnerability. I see this as a 3-step process: Recognize, Own and Express. First, you must recognize who you are (and your life experiences) completely – the good, bad and ugly. Second is accepting those aspects of yourself – and then taking it a step further to owning them (aka having pride in who you are); and finally, expressing those qualities and experiences to the world. I have always found in my life that when I am vulnerable enough to share myself completely, including my fears and weaknesses with others, I am able to connect with people who help me rise above that and conquer my insecurities. When I am not able to express myself, my insecurities rub off on others. The most powerful aspect of authenticity and being yourself is the effect it has on those around you. When you are authentic, you act as a light that allows people to be vulnerable enough to be themselves.”

Everyone struggles with authenticity and the fear of not being good enough – EVERYONE! Once we are able to overcome that fear and surrender to our authentic selves, we can do anything. Authenticity is contagious – the participants in Shaun’s programs will walk away with practical tools to live their own truths and make a powerful difference in their organizations, sororities, fraternities and friends. By practicing authenticity, you will be able create a world where anything is possible.

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