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Only through honest and open conversation can we reach students and give them the information they need to make better, informed decisions.


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Whether we choose to admit it or not, alcohol and drugs are on campus and the exposure to them often leads to substance abuse and can be a detrimental part of the college experience. Only through honest and open conversation can we reach students and give them the information they need to make better, informed decisions.

Bobby’s non-judgmental approach focuses on providing factual information combined with real-world scenarios relating to the experience of today’s college student. Bobby answers the questions you were too afraid to ask with expertise and appropriate humor, engaging audiences in “real talk” about alcohol, drugs and the associated risks and consequences.

Bobby’s Bio

Bobby Gordon is an award-winning advocate for alcohol & other drug education, research and prevention. In his nearly 20 year career, Bobby has partnered with communities, federal agencies, professional organizations and local and state law enforcement to develop, create, advise and assess a variety alcohol & other drug prevention programs.

His expertise includes social normative media, federal grant projects, evidenced-based prevention and curriculum development. His work spans organizations like Major League Baseball (MLB), BACCHUS Network, Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, U.S. Department of Justice and the Greater Cleveland Club Drugs Task Force.

Bobby proudly served in Higher Education on the Board of the Coalition of Higher Education Associations for Substance Abuse Prevention from 1997-2010. Bobby holds an MBA from the University of Arizona and a Masters in Counseling & Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University. He completed his undergrad at Muskingum College with a B.A. in psychology.

Bobby’s Blogs

The following are past entries Bobby has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog

Alcohol & Other Drugs

  • The Opioid Epidemic is Real
  • “Bobby Gordon made the presentation informative but interesting/fun. Real talk and the right mix, alcohol and other drugs so relevant on campuses. He is a real cool dude with a unique, nonjudgemental perspective.

    Undergraduate Student Participant

    AFLV West

    “Bobby’s combination of professionalism, friendliness, flexibility, and wealth of knowledge led to a fantastic event. One student commented “I liked his program and I think it should be mandatory for all students.”

    Cordelia Heaney

    Tulane University

    “Bobby is a genuine and brilliant speaker. His factual, direct, and refreshing speaking style made it an enjoyable and informative event that any student could relate to.”

    Kate B.

    Chi Omega

    “Probably the best alcohol/drug program we’ve had in years.”

    Andrew L.

    Washington State University, Kappa Sigma


    Real Talk and the Right Mix: Alcohol & Drugs

    College alcohol and drug abuse is a real issue. Students are faced with pressure from peers to fit in, coping with high levels of stress, or they just have general curiosity as they experiment with their newfound independence. Abuse of opioids, prescriptions, and other drugs increasingly presents risks and negative consequences for students and the campus community.

    Despite best intentions by campus administrators, drug education and prevention programs are often overshadowed by a focus on alcohol-only education. Bobby challenges perceptions and clarifies myths and facts surrounding drugs beyond alcohol including opioids, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy/molly, predatory drugs, and prescription drug abuse. Instead of lecturing with technical medical information or using scare-tactics, Bobby incorporates real-world scenarios, facts and culturally relevant media to help students challenge their perceptions and make informed decisions.

    Learning Outcomes

    As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

    • the difference between non-binge and binge drinking,
    • the myths versus the realities of heavy drinking and drug usage for better decision making,
    • the consequences and side effects of mixing drugs (like opioids) and alcohol, and
    • how different types of drugs can negatively impact the mind and body.