Cassie Little

Cassie Little advocates for the sorority experience. She empowers women to embrace their opportunities and discover the values that will support them in their Panhellenic journey.


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▪Discover Your Compass: Navigating The Sorority Journey


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About Cassie Little

As an undergraduate, Cassie Little truly maximized her sorority experience through investing in relationships, understanding her value, and pushing herself {& everyone around her} to grow. By cherishing her opportunities in her Panhellenic community and overcoming adversity in her various leadership roles, she had a memorable four years and is passionate about supporting sorority women across the country in having the same life-changing experience.

Following her graduation from Arizona State University, Cassie travelled full-time for her national organization. In that role, she executed public relations and recruitment efforts, launching the organization’s largest extension. She facilitated workshops and collaborated with chapter officers to implement values based recruitment with 15 chapters in 10 different states.

Cassie continues to advocate for the sorority experience. She now travels the country to support Panhellenic communities by delivering a message she is deeply passionate about – helping future and seasoned Panhellenic women maximize their sorority experience.

“I found Cassie Little to be a very good and approachable speaker. She came into the campus with a such an amazing energy that hit the students. I think her approach and discussion about individuals finding their compass and what leads them was fantastic. Really appreciate speakers who go above and beyond to make their content relatable and fun for those in attendance. I think her presentation is one that our community truly appreciated and helped power many in the Panhellenic community find themselves and the direction for recruitment.”

Ed E-Nunu

Sorority & Fraternity Life, University of California, Irvine


Discover Your Compass: Navigating The Sorority Journey

The sorority experience is too often characterized by comparison between women and stress to portray the ideal sorority member. From her experience, Cassie knows how easy it is to lose sight of the opportunities of membership and your authentic self getting lost in the culture of comparison. What if our future and current sorority women were confident in their values and grounded in their direction so much so that they were compelled to bring the truest version of themselves into their chapters? How our communities would THRIVE with unapologetic members driven to embody their unique strengths to grow their sisterhood and Panhellenic community!

Cassie is passionate about women maximizing the tremendous opportunity of sorority membership. In this program, she shares how her guiding ideals provided direction in her sorority experience and supports participants in identifying their personal guiding ideals to navigate any moment of their sorority journey – from recruitment to leadership to lifelong membership. Future or current sorority members leave the program having identified the directions of their compass that they commit to intentionally prioritize throughout the recruitment, leadership, or sorority experience.

This program can be customized for a variety of audiences: potential new members, recruitment counselors, first year recruiters, Panhellenic communities, and/or chapter leadership.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to understand the importance of open mindedness throughout the sorority experience,
  • the difference between vulnerability & authenticity and when to lean into each, and
  • how to identify the guiding ideals that will guide you throughout your sorority journey