Jon Tasch

You were meant to do great things. Discover the leader inside you.


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▪Leading is a Choice

You were meant to do great things. Discover the leader inside you.

As a self-described “leadership junkie,” Jon Tasch is here to inspire and help you get the most out of life. With his unique experience as both a Naval Officer and as an FBI Special Agent, Jon gives future leaders a different perspective on the importance of building relationships and taking action. Jon immediately captivates his audiences, drawing upon stories from his personal and professional life, including a life-changing lesson from his time as an FBI Special Agent.

Jon’s message is inspiring, interactive, and pragmatic – students can immediately begin to put Jon’s strategies into practice. Jon’s program is popular with all student groups, and is especially appropriate for fraternity and sorority leadership training, student-athletes, and emerging leaders events. Jon is one of only a handful of speakers to promise a standing ovation!

Jon’s Bio

Jon has an extensive career in the military as well as the national security field. He began his career in the Navy, ultimately rising to the rank of Mission Commander onboard the P-3 Orion aircraft. In 2006, he received the Presidential Air Medal, signifying his achievements during combat flights over Iraq. After the Navy, Jon went on to become a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he specialized in terrorism investigations.

While in the FBI, Jon conducted search warrants, wiretaps, high-speed surveillances, and lots of other cool stuff he wishes he could talk about. He has an undergrad degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Masters from the Johns Hopkins University. When he’s not coaching, speaking, or writing, you’ll likely find Jon out on the golf course, keeping the dream alive of one day joining the Senior PGA Tour.

“What a great experience! It was fun having someone from a military and FBI background come in and speak to us and give insight into his life. I would definitely recommend Jon as a speaker.”

Matt Anderson

Kappa Sigma, University of North Florida

“Jon was a very professional, yet relatable speaker. All of the people he engaged with during his time at Ball State, he took a genuine attempt to get to know them.”

Jordyn Kovolyan

Graduate Assistant, Ball State University


Leading is a Choice

Who among us doesn’t want a fulfilling and rewarding career? Unfortunately, a recent Gallup study revealed that only 30% of the American workforce is actually happy with their jobs. And the #1 reason people leave their jobs for another? A bad relationship with their boss. The number one grievance among these people is that they didn’t feel valued or appreciated by their manager. In this keynote, Jon builds a case that leaders, more than anything else, must establish trust with their people if they have any hope of making them feel valued or appreciated. By telling stories from both his professional and personal life, Jon gives students practical strategies they can immediately employ to create more meaningful relationships with the people around them.

Learning Outcomes As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • that establishing trust is the #1 quality that a leader can possess, especially when it comes to peer leadership,
  • that leaders must be willing to make themselves vulnerable,
  • how to tap into the concept of positive reinforcement to achieve extraordinary results, both as individuals as well as on a team, and
  • that they don’t need a particular title to be a leader and that leading truly is a choice.