Tara Fuller

Tara Fuller inspires others to create change through self-exploration and genuine connections. She helps audiences close the gap between performing allyship and practicing inclusion and encourages them to design equitable spaces where all individuals have the opportunity to meaningfully grow and thrive.


▪Communication ▪Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ▪Fraternity & Sorority Life ▪Leadership ▪LGBTQ+ Focused


▪A Call for Inclusion
▪A Call for Disruption
▪Why Language Matters in Matters of Inclusion
▪Maybe We Should Talk
▪Join Me, Won’t You?

Tara’s Bio

Tara Fuller believes community is built at the intersection of inclusion, equity, and belonging. She has been passionate about understanding others who are different from her for as long as she can remember. Tara has worked in higher education and student affairs on a number of campuses for more than 12 years but has been an advocate for inclusion for more than 20 years. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park where she created her own course of study that deeply explored diversity, leadership, and multicultural studies.

Tara Fuller is compelled by every human’s lifelong journey to belong. She identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she was adopted as an infant and has worked through and with mental illness. She is grounded by her interest in the unique journeys people experience in the world. She sees truth-telling, curiosity, and genuine connections as the keys to making significant community impacts. Her experiences continue to show her the importance of listening to others and celebrating identities different from your own.

Her experiences continue to show her the importance of relying on the support of others. She believes all people are on lifelong journeys to belong.

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Tara did a phenomenal job speaking to our Panhellenic women. She customized our program to discuss inclusivity and how we as a community can better be inclusive when it comes to recruitment. Tara was eloquent and her Keynote speech was very educational.

Emma Roffler

VP of Membership Operations, Marquette University

Tara was just great! She made things really easy and comfortable. Dealing with issues of privilege and inclusion can often put people at a defensive position but she was clear and relatable. The students enjoyed her storytelling style and stayed open and engaged in the messages!

Karen Homolka

Assistant Dean of Student Success

See What People Have to Say!

The students really enjoyed having Tara Fuller speak to our community, despite the virtual setting. They found what she had to say super helpful and relatable to their own experiences, and many are now working on making their organizations more inclusive, especially in language they hadn’t previously thought about.

Aimee Wardlee – Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, The College of New Jersey


A Call For Inclusion

If there is language available that allows us to include more people, why would we choose exclusive language? Answer: Sometimes we don’t recognize how our language can be limiting.

Tara Fuller takes an informational and engaging approach to helping students understand the foundation for creating more inclusive environments. Participants will examine their understanding of how their own identities relate to others through critical self-reflection. Then Tara helps students explore inclusion from the lens of empathy and belonging; and challenges students to build their competencies by thinking of ways they can courageously include others. Students will walk away with the building blocks to inclusions.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to distinguish their own identities and how those relate to their peers and community,
  • how to define privilege and recognize the impact institutional and/or organizational history and systems have on social identities,
  • how to be a contributing, empathetic, and influential member of their communities, and
  • how to incorporate inclusive language into their collegiate and/or membership experience.
A Call For Disruption

Gaining awareness, building competence, and employing courage are excellent ways to develop an atmosphere of inclusion, and then what? Tara Fuller takes inclusion to the next level with this program about challenging the status quo, social de-conditioning, and how to apply anti-oppressive practices. Students will be asked to interrogate how they define “normal” and think about why “perception is reality” can be a slippery slope. Tara will involve participants in imagining a future where they are catalysts for change. This program combines storytelling, data sharing, and student expertise to design action plans for organizations and communities that center on equity and accessibility.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to identify the systemic causes of inequities in society,
  • how to challenge their own ways of thinking,
  • how to problem solve outside the box when seeking resolution for challenges in their communities, and
  • how to recognize complicity and call others to act.
Why Language Matters in Matters of Inclusion

When people think about relationships they tend to picture heterosexual couples. The reality is that this assumption does not apply to everyone. Through personal stories and in-depth examples, Tara Fuller presents a framework for combating heteronormativity and cisnormativity while embracing inclusion at all levels of community. This keynote is intended to help participants understand why it is important to affirm all identities of members, especially as a way to strengthen connections.

Humans are not one dimensional, nor should they be minimized to only one identity. This program will have students practice expanding the language they use in their daily interactions to create a less heteronormative/cisnormative space and build a more inclusive one.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to evaluate their involvement and leadership experiences as it relates to heteronormativity/cisnormativity and LGBTQ+ inclusion,
  • how to identify ways current language and practices may isolate peers who hold identities other than heterosexual or cisgender, and those who are questioning their sexual or gender identities,
  • how to integrate inclusive language regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, and the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals into their vocabulary and encourage others to do the same, and
  • how to better support LGBTQ+ identified folks and assist in identifying appropriate campus and community resources to build a more inclusive infrastructure.
Maybe We Should Talk

With the many methods of communication available to us, it seems words, how we use them, and how they’re interpreted can become easily tangled. Couple misunderstandings with the gravity of the topics swirling around in the world and the scene is set for conflict. Tara works with students to help them have meaningful and emotionally intelligent dialogue. Whether discussing the newest viral dance challenge or how to be anti-racist, Tara gives students the tools to make space for effective communication. Through interactive scenarios and personal reflection, participants will develop ways to engage, connect, and work through challenging conversations with others.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to establish expectations and boundaries to set a conversation up for success,
  • how to hold themselves and others accountable when words become weapons,
  • how to respect others’ boundaries when engaging in conversations requiring a lot of mental and emotional labor, and
  • how to empathize through active listening and quiet reflection.
Join Me, Won’t You?

Stories of people not fitting in are all too common, but often we don’t talk about times when we, ourselves, didn’t belong. Why? Because it’s scary, it feels icky, we don’t want the reminder of those times nor do we want to admit it to anyone–if we admit it, then it was real. These are just some of the thoughts that run through Tara’s head as she thinks about the concept of belonging. She will explore these thoughts with her audiences and share stories to illuminate how people can be more vulnerable in bonding over their desire to belong.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to identify experiences that have contributed to their sense of belonging and those that have distanced them from others
  • how to define empathy and ways to challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones, and
  • how to utilize storytelling to discover common bonds that bridge gaps between themselves and others.