The Speaker’s Voice

Letting Vulnerability Provide Direction in the New Year

By: Cassie Little Where do you look to for direction? Is it people you trust, social media, yourself? Reflecting on all the transitions that came for me in 2019, I know I spent way too much time looking to societal norms and friends’ approval for guidance when trying...

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Using Your Why to Retain Members

By: Austin Arias It is hard to believe but we are halfway into the fall semester. While we are enjoying the opportunity to take a breath and relax after jammed packed weeks filled with welcome week activities, involvement fairs, trainings and more, this is a crucial...

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Pay Yourself First – A Lesson in Sustaining Leaders

By: Kate Steiner I was listening to a radio show this week and they were talking about the concept in personal financial budgeting that first you pay yourself. In budgeting this means that from every paycheck you first put money away into savings. The savings is then...

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Gifts Grow In Dark Places

By: Nisan Trotter You’re a muddy miracle! Gifts grow in dark places. I think I surprised the students at Saginaw Valley State University with those comments. It’s okay though…. I’d rather it be that way than have them fall asleep. They were glued to...

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The Full Truth on Success

By: Alex Weber As you’re thinking about your goals this semester for yourself, your organization, and your community, it is so important to really get clear on what Success looks like to you. The more we hone in on what we want to achieve, the more we can progress...

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