Step up and lean in


“I’m passionate about working with students to not only serve as leaders, but to be leaders.”

Dr. Mari Ann Callais has been Stepping Up and Leaning In her whole life. Mari Ann believes in the power of taking ahold of the future you wish to have. By implementing this into her own life, she has become a very successful and sought-after higher education professional and speaker, working and guiding hundreds of students to achieve their goals each year.

“There are times that I struggle with telling students and professionals to ‘step up and lean in’ to do the right thing because I know it is difficult. But I will continue to be authentic in my actions and to challenge others to have courage to make a difference in their personal lives and the world around them,” says Mari Ann.

Mari Ann shares three tips for women, new students and student leaders that will help them gain respect and achieve their goals in college.

1) Confide
Find someone that you can confide in, to bounce ideas and thoughts off of. Someone who will not just agree with you, but will help you to critically think through a solution or solutions that can improve whatever you might be trying to improve or change.

2) Failure
Don’t be afraid to fail. Some of the most successful people in any aspect of life (including myself) have failed more than once. Often times when you don’t succeed, there is a lesson to be learned and whatever you thought should happen had better results because you had to rethink it or had to contemplate another solution.

3) Believe
Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. As college students, you have a right to have expectations of the people around you, but first and foremost, never stop learning who you are and standing up for yourself. Too many people allow their lives to just happen instead of taking charge and creating the life they deserve. If you going to want people to respect you, do what you say you will do; reach out to others for help and to help, and live by a code of conduct that you believe treats others the way you would like to be treated.

“I have watched women, students of color, students who do not look like everyone else be treated less than and not have the skills to stand up for themselves. I’m not talking as much as bullying as I am about courage and self-respect.”

Use the three tips, provided by Mari Ann, to find your courage and self-respect, then start living and leading your life in the direction you’ve always wanted.

In Mari Ann’s new program, Stepping Up and Leaning In, students grasp how to take ahold of their life, college experience and their future career. Mari Ann expands upon these three tips, and delves much deeper on how to step up in a leadership role.

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