Stop the Spread of Contempt

After you watch this short video, take a moment to review these reflection questions.

Social change and creating inclusive spaces are dependent on each of us doing the personal work to show
up more compassionately each and every day. Remember I’m in this process with you.

Here are three questions for reflection as you pursue more compassionate interactions:

    1. What am I holding onto that affects how I interact with others and how might I begin to heal
      those things?
    2. What practices can I engage in to better hold the multiplicity of life and get curious about
      the humanness of others?
    3. How might I slow down my reaction to those who express beliefs different than mine to
      open a dialogue where both of us can learn?

Remember that you don’t need to respond or have an opinion on everything, especially not instantly. Slow down as you’re able and think critically about how you want to engage and use your words to show up in the world.